November 30, 2012



One of the ways in which I vindicate myself, despite the tight schedule every day is by journaling. It’s my fashion of archiving daily routines. Writing is not everybody’s cup of tea. It takes good number of practices and consistency to come up with finest piece of write up. Writing a journal on a regular basis helps to explore ourselves and deepen our thoughts. It is a fun way of recalling our past memories as well.

Often I land up in literary disorder called writer’s block, the state 
where my thoughts completely get literally empty. But that doesn't obviate me from writing anymore. Instead it endows me with another avenue to showcase my passion for literature. At times even putting up a sentence seems like a herculean task but I simply defend it with modest pedagogic adage, “if there is will there is way”. Like any other write up, journaling also needs constant practice and pace. We can’t expect the progress to be rapid at one go. All it takes is steady practice and hard work blended with curiosity and courage.

Great writers and authors did not spring up overnight. It took ample of time and determination to reach for the stars. They too failed several times. What made them different was their will to climb up the hill with courage no matter how many times they fell down.

Just to quench my thirst for journaling, I always make it a point to pen down at least 200 words every night before I board onto my bed and If not by wrestling with words of wise man. I can see much of gradual progress in my work and that’s what nudges my motivation the most. A good piece of write up is one which kindles excitement and inquisitive to the readers and that would make them feel real. The beauty of it forever hangs around in the mind of the readers.

I had grown too comfortable in my writing task, the joyride of my thoughts. It not only enlightens me with provoking views but also saves my craving for the literature to be alive. Beside it also ponders my strength of expressing visionary ideas into words. Moreover, it is a good way of introspecting my own thought and ideas. Letting people realize through expressed words speaks far better than orally awakening them.

Nonetheless, the pleasure of getting drowned in the sea of journaling is massive as it hardwires my joy for it. I also get opportunity to keep myself occupied and it is a way of getting rid of leisure time wisely. The prime benefit of journaling is keeping update on one’s own thought and furthering the richness of literature. 

For me journaling is like keeping myself awake. Just like any other activities, it broadens my mind and evaluates my actions.

November 7, 2012

My good friend

“Oye keta...Research gi submission is on 10th i.e. Thursday . . . So start working on it…today we watched ur fav songs (len na ngegi sem) movie….” a message dropped in my inbox at around 11:25pm while I was going through a book. Though I was out of balance to respond her, at least i acknowledged her for waking me up from my ignorance. Otherwise who knows I might flunk and have to rewrite that paper? I was alarmed by her message and began panicking as I have done nothing to my research paper. Nevertheless to ease away the uneasiness, I decided to make myself occupied by putting down some lines. Since I did not thank her in person and as a matter of gratitude I chose to write about her.

We may not have known each other if we didn’t converse in the classroom. She graduated from sherubtse, one of the oldest and in fact well known colleges in the country. Her degree is in physical science. Probably she must have been brain box while in the college. But I don’t mean to say that now she is bad. She is excelling today as well. Most of the time I find her quiet and calm busy in her work.

I appreciate the intensity of her simplicity. She is soft spoken and humble minded and that makes her beautiful as she is always. She wears that pretty smile every day and I see her happy all the time. When in class she occupies the middle row and often dozes while there is a lengthy presentation. I seldom irritate her by phoning unnecessarily. Never did I see her portraying frustrations in class room. Who knows she must be bugging a lot with her friends when at other times (laugh out loud). I am not sure of her likes and dislikes as we don’t talk about personal stuffs.

I have known her much only this semester and I feel privilege to have someone as nice as her. One thing I found in her was that she is picture perfect in kitchen arts. Recently we went out for class picnic and there I got opportunity to taste her curry. It was awesome and I had the most promising curry after so long. When I look upon it now, it makes me salivate too much. Moreover she would make good wife to her husband. Whosesoever be her hubby, he would surely realize her worth.

Now that we know each other, I feel much comfy to talk with her.  I hope our friendship remains firm as it is today, in times to come. After the completion of this month, we will be busy with our own lives and we won’t be able to make it like now. Even if we do it will be very often. But I will always flashback that in a voyage of my life, I found a friend whose presence I always enjoyed and that added flavor to my life.  She is known by the name Mon kumari.

I met her through communication and I have for her, my friendship by blood.

October 17, 2012

The beauty of morning

Robin Sharma truly said, “Those who get up early are those who get the best from life”.  The cockcrow stroked directly onto my window pane and it gingerly touched my face, greeting me through the little chink in the curtain. I was roused form my deep sleep and I could not sleep again. I laid on the couch for couple of minutes. Then I got up, switched on the water boiler and I headed towards wash room for cleanup. After having done everything, I prepared myself a cup of coffee. The cup was over flooded with chocolate. By then it was already 6 but most were snoring and dreaming. I was all alone in the kitchen.

I stared through the window at the calm and quite view outside. The first thing that touched my heart was the pale tinted sun. It has already come out of its nest and started journeying towards west. The heat was gentle and warm. The cool breeze aced through the window and refreshed me. I felt excited and got lost in its unbounded joy. Trees let their branches swing to the motion of cool breeze, composing the sweetest melody of nature. The flowers too, glistened with its natural pigment giving off its cologne. The pearl like dew coupled flawlessly with diamond like meadow.

Nearby on the road, the dim light was still glowing. The lane was empty with no vehicles except some bugs skirting the faint glow. I could also see few cows grazing over green field happily. The avenue was completely filled up with silence. After some time, its beauty expanded as it begun to shower softly. The whole of scene magnified when a rainbow arched over the place. It was miracle in reality. Everything was picture perfect but I wished at that very moment of time, if some morning larks could come and hum in its mesmerizing tone.

The next moment, over the hills, I could see forest which was untouched and pure. It rendered its best service to animals dwelling there. The place of perfect harmony, where good will and friendship turned out into indivisible relationship.

Faraway down the shallow landscape, the small stream flowed with vigorous zest and speed. The sound resembled something, which I could not recall exactly. There I spotted some people with umbrellas overhead and jerkins dangling from their hands. Those folks were the early worm catchers who rinsed themselves with novel spring water. They happily returned back home with songs of joy. Also, the prayer wheel located at the heart of place served as the washer of defilements. The white holy smokes from the stupa disappeared into the atmosphere, which exhibited the uncertainty of life.

I was totally carried away by the virgin beauty of dawn and I stood brooding there for an hour. My coffee has grown cold and thick but i kept sipping till the last. Have I had not gotten up early that morning; I would have missed that golden opportunity. The pleasure was immense.

“Life is beautiful”, abruptly I whispered to myself.

September 26, 2012

An odyssey of sanity

Up above, the sun had slipped out of sight, only its glow still visible along the rim of high clouds. The sky had begun to lighten and the air tasted of dew. The zephyr so gentle and it hastened leaving nothing but only the rush of its touch. Its beauty tinged with faint rainbows with light drizzle. Birds chirped at the top of their voices and flags wavered with its immaculate beauty. The river below spanned with its motionless tide and freed its cool breeze. The paddy rooted in the field quivered along with the way of the wind. The joy was boundless.

Underneath a tree was a gentleman named sangey puffing his day’s last cigi, rummaging through his old torn diary. He flipped the pages as if he had some important work. All of sudden, he paused when he came across an excerpt written in lower spidery case. As soon as he started skimming, his eyes got filled with tears of joy. That page had lots of untold stories. Those floods of memories made him think vastly.

As a kid, he was liked by every tom, dick and harry. He had all the loved people around him and everything was lively. His parent gave whatever he wanted and they never let him down, as he was the only child in the family. Their love for the son was unconditional and they raised him in their best possible ways. He was fed with good food and unfailing care despite his snotty attitude.

Sangey achieved whatever he shot for and every friend of him wished to have life like him. He was gifted with everything. As he kept budding, he started being skeptical and arrogant. He took advantage of his parent’s simplicity and he would not heed any of his parent’s words of wisdom. The fear of sangey getting snared in a web of substance abuse secreted in his parents mind. Time and again, he was kept alert to refrain from such misbehavior.

Time had come when he had to be on his own. He was accepted as a boarder in one of the schools in the west but the bond of love survived the distance as his parent kept him posting letters. Now that he was away from his parents, he began involving in unwelcoming behaviors. It all started with a stick of coffin nail. Gradually he substituted it with some hard substances. Sangey was caught hard in the rings of smoke of reefer.

Back at home, the news reached his parents like atom bomb. The faith was shattered and their trust on him was broken. He was expelled from the school. As he descended from well to do family, he wasn’t ignored badly. With all the pleas, he was again admitted in a school with last warning. He was repeatedly reminded to stay away from getting into abuse. In spite of all the hues and cries, he could not prove himself. As a last hope he was send to rehab for improvement.

Sangey underwent through intolerable enticement during his stay at rehab. Tardily with the help from councilors, he was able to overcome his night mares. He was discharged after successful months of sobriety. Today sangey owns a car and wherever he goes, he stands as a prototype to other addicts. Sangey helps vulnerable youths as and when he can. He proudly articulates, “Sun dancing on leaves, flowers bowing down and ultimately my craving has vanished among the shadows of yesterday”

September 25, 2012

in dire need of H2O

Chemistry defines water as the combination of two molecules of hydrogen and a molecule of oxygen. Water is a basic requisite for survival. No organisms on earth can make it without water. Cells in our body need it for respiration, energy production, digestion and many more.  Deprivation of water in our body leads to dehydration and it may prove fatal, if it proceeds for longer period of time. Every life requires water for carrying out various life purposes. Water is essential mainly for laundry, cooking, cleaning, and showering and so on. Our living is solely dependent on water and no beings can abnegate its need.

Envisage a survival without water for just one hour, that too in a hot climatic condition. It’s like feeling hell for short span of time. That’s exactly how we are feeling these days. Water supply had gone out for more than two days. Trainees are seen hunting for water everywhere but it appears like as if the college has been banned from water.  We are walking almost about half kilometers early in the morning in search of water, just to groom up.

Moreover, my dining menu has altered recently due to poor water supply. I and my ill roommate had been gobbling on noodles since two days. Our room has rich collection of water bottle and we have spent barely ngultrum 2000 on it. It looks hilarious and we are left with no options. Also our nesting time has metamorphosed. Late night expecting for water in the kitchen has become our everyday program but all in vain. At one point we cooked food using mineral water.

Many have missed their class, not because they wanted to but due to acute shortage of water that they couldn’t even wash their faces. Are we machines made up of engines and functioned by oils? I would succinctly construe, we are just flesh and bones and we need water for everything.

Every day we lose water through urine and perspiration. The need for supplement is mandatory as it might lead to disorders. In a hot place like Samtse, we should in fact be supplied with water supply 24*7 times. Truthfully speaking I attended three classes without even grooming myself. Who knows there might also be some trainees, who have attended classes like me?

The most uneasy situation is laxation in lavatory that is deprived of water. Imagine how evil would it stink?  Shall we find another alternative by vanishing among the bushes? I think it would not be suitable for budding teachers like us. This is age of technology and let us all accustom ourselves to 21st century.

Now the million dollar question is that, isn’t the college administration broaching this issue? So that the future trainees pursuing degree in this college wont sweat in peace like us. I vaguely discovered that this issue isn’t modern. It existed eons ago. Right away it is appropriate time that college find out some remedies to settle this trouble before it become unresolvable. I hope it won’t remain as a patrimony to future tyros.

September 9, 2012

Quit lowballing others

As human beings, we all have tendency to overlook things and that’s where most of us commit silly mistakes. The worst thing that a man can ever do is undervaluing others. Some individuals looks handsome, some ugly and some beautiful but we never know what they own inside. It’s only when we deal with that particular person that we know about them in depth. Does being indolent mean, you don’t know anything? The big interrogation point in many of us but it is fact.

I have encountered such incidents many a times. Recently, my essay begged first position in college. I wrote on topic, ‘literacy and peace’ which was the theme for world literacy day. Many of my friends congratulated on my achievement and I was really proud.

But disheartened very badly, when someone turned up saying, “did you really write that piece by yourself”? I just shrugged my soldier and said sarcastically, no someone just wrote for me. What pierced me was her underrating quality on me. I know where my strength lies and even if I am not good in things that she is good in, I am sure she doesn’t possess every character that I am good at. It doesn’t mean that I am blowing my own self. Everyone is special in their own ways.

The old maxim says, “A book should not be judge by its cover”. This is true and most of us under level the other side, advertently or inadvertently.

Let me share a short story. There was an old man who was well versed in music and he knows to play every kind of instruments but he was very decent and humble in his nature. Despite his talent in music, he never boosted his pride and remained as if he knew nothing. Once it so happened that a young man of late 20’s with a guitar in his hand, was passing by his house and he happened to ask for it. He was rejected very badly and the young man said, “old man doesn’t know anything and if I give, you will only destroy the tuning of my guitar”. The young man berated him so harshly and walked out so proudly. The poor old man just laughed out loud and entered his small hut and started strumming on his old guitar.

Weeks after, there was musical competition at the suburb of town. The old man enrolled his name in the competition and the next day, he was to showcase his talent. The young man along with his friends was also participating in the musical contest. What shocked the audience was the performance of the old man. He swept away the first price and the young man got nothing. Instead he was astounded to see the old man’s talent and felt guilty of his words.

The young man learnt a lesson and he promised to never ever overlook the other person, regardless of looks, status and simple mindedness.

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do’’- Steve jobs

Betrayal comes through trust

Tashi and Wangmo were childhood friends. They have spent most of their times together. They studied in same school but Wangmo was one year junior to Tashi. They had fun that nobody had and over the period of time, their friendship turned into love. Tashi could not confess his feelings and it remained dormant for one year.

It was only during his eighth grade that he made his words come for real. He poured out his love for her and she accepted on his first trail. Tashi was overwhelmed by her approval and everyday was like butterflies and rainbows for him. Their love grew stronger day by day and they didn’t even spend a day without seeing each other. They conversed on the phone, when they missed each other. Tashi’s love for Wangmo was vast and they often got together when their parents went out for dinner.

As the time flew by, Tashi finally finished his eighth standard and had to change his school. The pain of separation was unbearable and with his utmost guts, he admitted the fact to Wangmo. She was heartbroken but there was nothing that could stop Tashi from changing the school. He assured to keep in touch with her and promised to meet during their holidays. Tashi went to one of the higher secondary schools in west.

By then, distance played very painful role between them. The only option that they had was to talk on the phone. They exchanged their emotions and Tashi often cried because of the pain of not being able to see her. He would not miss even a single day without hearing her comforting voice. Whenever it was possible, he made it through letters and mails. Wangmo willingly responded his letters and mails on time and she never let Tashi felt sad, despite the huge distance between them.

Tashi’s love for Wangmo was unfathomable like the depth of the ocean. He always hankered to see her but it was possible only in his dream. Nevertheless, he continually hoped for the best and dreamt of seeing her one day. Without their notice, the year had eventually come to an end. Tashi’s joy of meeting Wangmo was infinite and he was very eager to see her. They made a plan to meet on Wangmo’s birthday. It was on December 17th and Tashi decided to come one day earlier. He purchased some gifts for her and it was well wrapped up. Tashi could not sleep on that very day as he was flabbergasted with euphoric feelings.

At around 11 in the morning, he made a call to Wangmo and said, “Where shall we meet’’? Wangmo replied, “At our usual hangout”. Tashi dolled up smartly, and wore his all-time favorite perfume gifted by his beloved. When Tashi was about to reach, Wangmo was already there waiting for him. No sooner did Tashi see Wangmo than he hugged her without uttering a single word. Tears rolled down from his eyes and he was mute for a while. He shared the pains of being away from her, and she too expressed her feelings. They spent almost 3 hours talking over a cup of coffee. The pleasure of seeing each other was gigantic. Tashi and Wangmo spent all their holidays together.

Ultimately, all the good things came to an end, when they again have to report to the school. Once more the rush of the adrenaline was felt by the two love bugs. Tashi was sad and it was so hard for him to part from Wangmo. It was like a bird suddenly disappearing from the vast blue sky. Wangmo on the other side felt the same and she cried, hugging him tightly. As Tashi took his way towards west, he waved his hands till the fading point, carrying all those sketchy memories. Tashi had tough time solacing his despair. With much of difficulty, he reached his destination safely.

After 4 years, Wangmo finished her 12th standard and decided to study aboard. By then, Tashi was already a sophomore in college. Wangmo made up her mind to study in the same college. He was very much happy and waited for her. Everything was well arranged by Tashi and after a week, Wangmo reached in the college. Life was beautiful back in college. They stayed together and often quarrel broke out between them. They went out for movies, shopping’s and had lots of fun together with friends. They were always together wherever they went and Tashi also learnt to cook with her help.

Time arrived, when he had to return back home after his graduation. With heavy heart, he parted from Wangmo. He phoned her every night, though they were miles away from each other. He trusted her so much and waited till her graduation got over. Day came, when she finally graduated and had to return back home. She reached Bhutan after 3 days of tiring journey. Tashi was hopefully waiting for her.

The next morning, he called Wangmo but she didn’t respond his call. He waited one whole day for her call but all in vain. With much of consistency, he was able to contact her. Wangmo didn’t talk properly and the circumstances became worse day by day. Tashi did nothing wrong to her and tried his every possible way to make their relationship like usual but nothing good happened. He struggled for one week and every night, he drank to ooze out his pain from heart. Tashi experienced the bitterest moment, all day and night. Beside all his love and trust, Wangmo enlightened Tashi with intolerable pain. Gradually tashi’s pain subsidized and right after his birthday, he posted a letter to Wangmo which read:

Dear Wangmo,

Those bygone days, spent by us will be cherished. Everything that we aspire in life doesn’t turn up in reality. And the uncertainty of world awakened me from my sleepless night and taught me, what it feels like to be jilted. The fear always lurked inside me that, one day you may split our way and find your own. Had I have known this; I would have solaced your heart and never let this rude instant to barricade my way. I lost hope against myself. All we did, all we had and all we shared were nothing but a gift from almighty above. One big hope was to meet before you made your own ways. I feel disheartened and there is no way out rather than to let it go. I was frightened by darkness and I too aspired like others to shine but it was not inscribed on my fate.

Now, I realized that I was hoping for what was not mine. I decided to let it go, because I don’t want my life to be sympathized by others and live in torments. I am letting the dew on the blade of grass to wane. I am accepting what I can’t. Yet, all is not lost. Time can heal my wound. I guess this is the end of our journey. Thank you for everything.                                                                                      

Literacy and Peace

I wrote this article on world literacy day, themed "literacy and peace". It begged me first position in college. I acknowledge all the resources that i referred. 

Literacy is considered as the hot cake of today’s knowledge driven society. It is the base on which human rights and values are imbibed. Every individual has access to this right. Literacy as a disciplinary subject is lifelong wisdom and it is one of the inevitable requisite for peace.

The thirst for peace can be achieved by educating the world. Education can empower every individual. What people are taught and how they are taught can make countries less prone to violence. Literacy establishes the peaceful coexistence between the communities and good governance.  Illiteracy results in inhumane actions, wars and violence. Every day, we hear wars breaking down, killing millions of individuals, trafficking humans and so on. This ignorance of cloud ensues in rampage that ruins peace. It is through literacy, that we alarm the sleeping conscience of those ignorant and make world, a worth living place.

Literacy also promotes women in the decision making process and conflict resolution. It provides skills and advocates their hope in developmental processes. The majority of illiterate comprises of young girls and women in the world. The need for encouragement has become mandatory and it is not responsibility of an individual but a combined force of every one, to rejuvenate their love for literature. Let us bridge the gap between hope and misery, so that peace is bestowed on all.

Poverty alleviation is one important area, where literacy has vital role to play. The eradication of poverty is most addressed issue in millennium development goals. Quarter of world’s population lies in zone of poverty and there is existence of income disparity, which is concerning the peace and welfare of the people. Literacy can cement this difference by providing a platform for employment, where youths and adults can enroll themselves in decent jobs. The strong tie between literacy and health can change poverty, malnutrition and disease into various cycles of learning, equity and sustainable development.

Literacy ensures good will and strengthens mutual understanding between nations. People can voice out their views and ideas on different perspective of thoughts, which concerns the safety of their family, communities and nation. Besides, it promotes human rights, gender equality and cultural diversity, languages etc., Literacy programs that make use of minority languages have the potential to improve people’s ability to participate in their own culture.

In a country like Burundi, literacy has helped to rebuild trust between shattered communities. Still today, she is striving hard to recover from a long period of civil wars, which have fractured its populations. Literacy fosters peace and security to politically unstable countries. Many nations are now realizing the importance of literacy and they are nurturing the seeds of peace.

On this very day, let us all pledge and promise to keep our weapons aside and let books to talking. So that, peace flourishes in the world like the first rays of sun, from the little chink in the curtain greet us in the morning.

August 15, 2012

Note from a amateur writer...

I wouldn’t exist today, if my parents were not together. My life started as a cell inside her womb. Having safely nurtured, she bestowed me with an opportunity to see the world. She shared me all that she could, and relieved my pain with happiness. She helped me recuperate from illness and gave me her best comfort. And in return, I exchanged her kindness with madness. The pain of nourishing and giving birth to me was intolerable to her.

The trouble of raising me became severe to her, as I started growing up. She didn’t understand my needs and wants. All she did was caress me in her warm arm, all night long with lullaby. Every night was nightmare for her because she couldn’t sleep soundly. I disturbed her, whenever I wanted to but that wasn’t intentional. She poured frustration on me and it was of no use. I was like a body with no soul and I could barely see things with my eyes.

I gradually started transforming with the help of her love and care. I could see the things around me and at times, I too could laugh but not in proper way. Every time, I took shelter in her arms crying for milk. The words could not be uttered from my mouth, though I had one. Distance could not be covered even if I was gifted with legs. It was almost like rudimentary organs. There wasn’t proper place for me to shit and pee. All that I could do was cry whenever my diapers were wet. She was there for me to do all those stuffs.

The period of trouble slowly subsidized as the time flew by. Since then, I was able to crawl and make senses in my little ways. The burden of soldering me became less. Still, the need for feeding the little boy was necessary. She took extra responsibility to shape and guide me through tough times. The fear of losing me hung around in her mind and I was protected from fire, water, pointed objects and so on. She gave me whatever was needed and kept me happy.

Since they didn’t want me to toil later in life, I was enrolled in a school. They wanted me to be self-reliant when I grow up. At times, they would be rude and punish me for misbehaving but with good purposes. I would always nag her, whenever I could. Finally, the boyhood mischief days were over.

Those nostalgic days often brings smile on my face and tears in my eyes. How funny was I, when I reflect back on my bygone days? And now, life has taken a different twist and I am no more the same. I have duties to bear and something to do. Time has come for me to prove myself and I can’t effort to be the same puppet to her, any more. I have come all this way and the credit goes to my parents.

Today, she calls me ‘SIR’ and I proudly raise my head, hugging her. I feel very much honored to be her son. I will never forget your kindness and I promise you that, I will make you feel the same as I do right now. You will linger in me till the end of time.

Apa and Ama, where would I be without you two. Thank you for everything.

August 14, 2012

Remembering the end

There is life because there is death. The web of death ensnares us every day. Everything in life is subjugated to perish.  Even the most powerful human being can’t escape from it. Life is like a smoke evolving from a chimney; it’s just momentary. Nothing is as perfect as it is. Fear of death follows us, from the time we are born.

When we are blessed with the privilege to make a difference, don’t confine ourselves to the narrow world of selfishness. We are for a while to help each other. As a human being, all of us tend to overlook things and many times, we land up acting unwisely. But, there is always a second chance to mend the wrong doings. Lord Buddha was once like us. What made him different was that, he abandoned his materialistic life and went in search of complete peace. Besides the sufferings he confronted, at last he was able to achieve the path of freedom fully.

Life has no certainties and everything is bound to change at any time.  We must always warn ourselves about the impermanence. The sights of beauty, the taste of pizzas, the luxury of wealth, the craving for love are all transient and are sure to fade away.  Impermanence is like our own soul seeking refuge in our own body. Death doesn’t admonish us; it comes on its own. Nobody has the supremacy to barricade its way. The unpredictability of life can be compared to that of water drop on the blade of grass. One moment it is beautiful and the other moment, it is gone.

The cause of one’s happiness may be the source of suffering for others. Everything is interwoven in life. If we act wise today, tomorrow we are gifted with the reward. The world is a mirror and everyday our deeds are reflected back.  Despite knowing life’s uncertainties, one should never try to put others down. We should always be kind, whenever it is possible.  People often complain about the unsatisfactory life that they lead. But, the best remedy to curb this problem is by remaining pleased with what we have. Lord Buddha said, “The way is not in the sky, the way is in the heart’’.

We should think of the end sometimes in the middle of our busiest hour, because our existence is transient. Who knows, you and I may be the victim tomorrow.  Preparing against it is like lighting our own ignorance. Just as we have succeeded from the circle of birth, so are we to accept death like the former one. A change in the wheel of life is perpetual. The good can become bad and vice versa. Some live long, some live short but we must never forget that, it is just the difference in time.

The fact of life is hard to accept but truth is truth, and it must be faced. We can’t run away from its confinement and the only solution we have is, being kind to others.  However, somebody has rightly said, “we have only one life and if we do it right, once is enough’’. What we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.

As I put end to my mortal thoughts, i leave here the famous lines of Socrates: all men are mortal, Socrates is a man, and Socrates is a mortal. 

July 20, 2012

Unique Generous Youth Embarking and Nurturing(UGYEN) wisdom

The serene river flows with its purity and liberates its cool breeze. The chirping of the birds enlightens the place and makes it worth living. Sited in the undisturbed location, the hub of academic excellence lays, blessing students with wisdom. The school of will, innovations, leaders and learner stands proudly.

Ugyen academy is one of the renowned schools in the country. Every year, it produces cream and brilliant students. The school has fame not only in academics but also in other activities. It stands as epitome and serves as a home away from home. The school is gifted with all the required facilities. The environment in the school is best suited for learning. Green trees, green grass and green surroundings surviving in perfect harmony, making the school appear like heavenly abode, guided by the philosophy of GNH.

Moreover, the wisdom imparters here are perfectionist. They are all supportive and lend their hands whenever needed. They serve to the need of the students and escort them to become the perfect beings.  Because of the dedicated service of the teachers, students are edified and well versed in everything they do. Teachers here are source of inspiration and imbibe ethics, which is of ultimate importance in life. The dedicated service of the teachers never goes in vain. And In return as homage, students repay by excelling in academic fields earning reputations.

‘A perfect disciple for perfect teacher’ is what I would describe about the students. They are well mannered and worth teaching. They are gentle in behavior and obey what their teacher instructs. Their sincerity and punctuality is something that others can really look into. It seems to me like they have already mastered over mannerism. Talking on their talents, I would just say ‘master piece’. On the field, they have the spirit of true sportsmanship, be it girls or boys. They have indoctrinated the values of time. Every hour is precious for them and they say, ‘the best way to stop the time is by making most out of it’.

I was amazed, particularly by their good manners and I hope someday that they will become the leaders of the country. I take pride in calling them ‘Generation Next Heroes’.

The school believes in the principle of gross national happiness. The motto of the school says ‘be the best’. And they are proving that they are worth it. in fact, they are very practical. Apart from their studies, they have carved in themselves, the attitude of being responsible citizens. The school looks tidy because the students have clean and pure mind.  

The joy of being in this school is immense. It is beyond my thoughts to put it into words. The almighty above may always bless the school in times to come and let it go beyond the demarcation of ‘perfection’. The wisdom be endless like flowing river, and may the sun of glory shine forever in Ugyen rigpey jueng Ney. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone here.

July 19, 2012

On the rebound

I wrote this piece some months ago and i do not intend to hurt any person.

The last night was bit pacifying as I was tipsy. I went out with my friends for a ride to Buddha point, the place where we are expected to say prayers. Despite the fact, we were found guzzling and we stood there for some times. I did this to ease away my pain but that was just ephemeral. Later, at around 10 pm, I made my way back to home. I thought of jotting down some lines but I couldn’t as I was in woozy mood. I did nothing and I directly went to bed. A morning hour was hectic because the hangover still lingered in me. Inadvertently, I happened to stare at my phone and I saw light flickering on it. Someone had in-boxed me.  It read, ‘GOOD MORNING’. I got up as soon as I saw the text and groomed myself fresh and clean. I responded, ‘can I meet you today’? She said, yes come to my place. I was happy and overwhelmed by joy, because I didn’t see her for one year. She waited for me at the junction. I saw her standing and I too arrived there. At a very first glance, my instinct forced me to greet her with a warm hug but I couldn’t, fearing that I may get rejected. Substituting it with a smile on my face, I asked her, whether she was keeping fine or not. Then, she accompanied me to her home. I was offered with a honeyed tea which made me feel very close to her. We yakked for long time and I was even bestowed with the facility to surf the net. I logged into my Facebook account and checked some messages. I had many untold things to share with her but again the same fear prowled in me. As I continued face booking, she kept staring over my profile (I may not be true). Besides, I also logged in to check out my results. As time kept fleeting, she murmured some words. By then it was already lunch time and she was generous enough to ask me for lunch. I didn’t accept at first. She repeatedly asked me and I ate with ecstasy. The curry was fried tuber and it recapped me of college days. She used to prepare me the same curry. I didn’t thank her in words but I did from inside. Then, I was all set to begin the conversation that was supposed to. I asked her, if we could ever be together again. The response was clear but I wanted to listen from her. All of sudden, she remained soundless and I was lost in her thoughts for a while. No sooner did she retort my questions, than I started feeling the beat of my heart and the words say, ‘I won’t be able to come back at this point of time’. At least, I was happy that she had that guts to voice it out.  I am not down because I had it ample and now, all I got to learn is how to smile, when defied with pain, because I have miles to go ahead. The long anticipated hope was crushed into pieces and I decided to leave. She had some things to purchase from the nearby shop and as I could not found way to leave, I decided that it would be better to go with her. I too found her face glued with frustrations and forced beams of smile. I didn’t do anything wrong to her and I was wondering for what reason, was she getting cooked up. We gradually walked up to the shop and she bought her things. She came out of the shop and asked me, if I wanted to taste an ice cream. Without refusal, I picked up one chocolate flavored ice cream and started licking it. The taste was marvelous. I kept her standing there, till it finished melting in my mouth. I paused for a second and said, thank you for the ice cream and I apologized her for troubling for a minute. She then, turned away on her side and took her way. Infinite thoughts encircled me and I took my way towards the town, just for the sake of forgetting the discomfort. I took time to meet up with my old friends and we loitered around for couple of hours. With heavy heart and broken hope, I came back home safely. I realized, of all the greatest thing, a man can ever do is to forgive what he cannot. And today, I found a new light of hope, and a way of depriving my agony. And that is, by doodling down the expression of true heart. “New rays of hope, unleashed from the shadow of sorrows and finally, my pain has gone’’.

July 13, 2012


Life is about an easily influential age that can lead young youths off beam. They can march on to wrong lanes and indulge themselves in uninvited actions. Guidance and counseling can reconcile their wounds.
It happened not so long ago. I recall the day evidently, when the deadly earth quake nearly took out our breath away. Though, I didn’t feel the tremble as I was in Calcutta the other day, I heard that it was very ferocious. The next day, I arrived in phuentsholing safely. Things were unusual and I could see cracks almost on every buildings. Everywhere people were talking about their near death experiences. Many narrated funny instances, like hiding under tables and closets. There wasn’t any vehicle movement and I could not travel on that very day. I made up my mind to travel next day and went to the bus booking for reservation of the ticket. I got the confirmed seat and went back to the inn. Next day, I woke up at 8 am and groomed myself. The bus was programmed to depart at 9:30. I was ready by 9 and then headed towards bus station. Everyone loaded their luggage and the journey was yet to begin. I took my seat at number 17. The co-passenger behind me was a young boy of 16 or 17. He was fat but cute and gentle in his behavior. His hands were tattooed and he had one small bag to carry with him. As the bus started boarding, unwillingly, he started the conversation with me. ‘Acho where are you going’? He said politely. I responded, Thimphu without much smile on my face. He then, stared at my hand carefully and said, ‘your tattoo is awesome’. In the meantime, I snoozed off for a short while. I found the little boy gazing outside, through the bus window and getting lost in thoughts. I wondered what he was dreaming off. We started becoming acquainted with each other, as we moved on with the conversation.
 I asked him, ‘are you a student’? He paused for a moment and then replied, ‘I studied till class six and then dropped out’. By then, I was very curious to know the next fact. I questioned him, ‘why did you discontinue your studies?’ with heavy heart and reluctance, he responded me,’ I got into drug, that’s why’. It touched me hugely and I asked him, ‘how did you get into such misconducts?’ He told me, when he was in school, he was terrorized by one of his elders and compellingly, he made him to sniff hallucinates. As time passed, he found himself dependent on it and gradually he also tried out smoking hash. Day by day, he lost interest in studies and for most of the time; he crept around in the dark fantasy world of marijuana. As a consequence, he was chucked out from school. He was even sent to REHAB, in light of hope to recover from the sickness of addiction. He told me, ‘now I repent for all my misdeeds and I hope to continue my studies but I lack support from my parents’. I insisted him to continue with his studies as he was very young to remain idle. The next heart aching part was that, even his parents abandoned him for his manners. I was astonished and asked him, where did you hold your last night? He said, in the hotel, Acho. I have my parents in phuentsholing but they never allow me in their house and they regret calling me as their son sometimes. He said, he only has one person who looks after him and that’s his brother, who always sweats in peace, working for others to make a living. I was quiet for a couple of minutes. I was deeply moved by his sad tales, but there was nothing that I could do to help him out.
By then, it was already afternoon and we arrived to the hotel, where we were supposed to have lunch. The bus stopped and I got out but he didn’t even dare to move from his seat. I asked him for a lunch. At first, he seemed uneager and said, ‘he had bought packed lunch’. I was stunned, where did he get the lunch from? But I didn’t say in words. He said, ‘he bought some samosa’ as a lunch. How sadly he expressed in his humble way. Despite my repeated pleas, he accepted to take chance of my offer. He took noodles and I had food. After that, I went for smoke. As I was pulling the cigi, he came out and started smoking one. He was loaded with cigi but broke with cash. We sucked the butt together for some minutes and he even gave me some pieces. Then we boarded into the bus and started with the next episode of the journey. He shared me his hobbies and his passion for music, as he touched my guitar. He wanted to become doctor. We exchanged many conversations. I asked him, whether he has girlfriend or not? He flummoxed me and laughed out wildly. I thought he had one but I never forced him to sneak out his secret. I repeatedly suggested him to continue with his academic career. In the course of conversation, both of us dozed off for almost an hour. I was disturbed from my sleep by the jerk and uneven speed of the bus. He was snoring and I didn’t disturb him. After some time he got up and freshened up himself with the zephyr that came through the window of the bus. We were about to arrive check post. All of sudden, the bus stopped for interim. He got out and said me good-bye, waving his hands. What puzzled me was his departure in the middle of forest. Neither, I could find house nor people around that area. He disappeared among the bushes. I was filled up with tons of question and I kept wondering about it, till I reached my destination.
Until today, I was longing to see that “broken piece of star” and conversed with him, like we did in the bus but unfortunately I couldn’t. I pray his life to be filled with boundless joy and happiness. I wish, he be liberated from suffering addiction and lead sober life, contributing to the development in his own little ways. Like anybody, he has a dream and wants to shine as other children do. We must take time to understand those unfortunate ones, because they have so much to give to this world. Let them realize the purpose of being on this beautiful earth and they will surely recognize their own potential someday, if not one day. But the weird thing was that, two of us ended our journey, without even knowing each other’s good name.

Beside pen and paper

‘I felt my strength when I experienced the pain’. I was on my summer break and had to be in my village for a week or two. Usually, I used to free at other times. However, this time it was different. Mom and dad had decided to go for religious ceremony and they were out for two weeks. My sister, my granny, and I were left home. My granny has already knocked octogenarian stage and she is helpless to stand on her own. As a helper, two of us stayed behind her. Her personality is peculiar and she is very choosy kind of person, despite her age. She gets cooked up without proper reasons. If meals were not served on time, she would refuse to take it. Television has to be put on accurately on time. If not, she starts to feel bore, as if she had spent her young days in city. Two of us are prohibited to go out and even if we do so, the need to seek permission is necessary. It has become compulsory for two of us, to be with her from dawn until dusk.

Frequently, there arises water problem and it needs constant maintenance for continuous flow. At least, one member from each household has to go for woola (labor tax). As there was nobody to represent from our side, I volunteered to go. The woola was scheduled next day. I got up late, the next morning and I even could not carry packed lunch. There were 12 of us and we walked nearly for 11 km to reach to the work point. At around 11am, we were there. The tshogpa measured the distance to be dug and allocated the respective areas. The work was to pave the drain for the pipe. Others were given 200ft to pave the drain and for me, it was comparatively less. I started working, initially with zest but as I continued working, I was very exhausted. I then, went to one of my friend and had his packed lunch satisfactorily. Then, I came back to my working place and started digging again. The area was filled with stones and I had tough time segregating them. Blisters started forming on my palm and it was hard for me to continue the remaining parts.

I did not even complete half of the task. I made up my mind to leave but with the notice from concerned people. Others were struggling and they were able to do it successfully. I made my way to friends place and dozed there for an hour. When I woke up, it was dark and I was not brave enough to make it towards home. Therefore, I sorted refuge at his place. Still, my share is left undone and I hope to complete it at the earliest possible.

What awakened my mind was the hardship faced by those people, residing in the countryside. For fortunate like you and I, every moment in life is comfortable and everything is within our reach. But, what about those innocents leading austere lives, sweating in sun and getting drenched in the rain. They do not have time like us to text on the phone, watch television, and play video games and so on. All they have is drudgery and hard-earned lives. When time permits, wake up to life’s calling and go beyond the horizon and think wisely. So that, we do not remain ousted from the fundamentals of what is called life.