January 3, 2015

New year celebration

Yesterday was a good eye opener for the New Year. Although it came out as impromptu meeting it made a good neighbor union. A simple feast was hosted to rejoice the New Year.

As anticipated my house owner, albeit not keeping well for last few days, joined us. He started with series of resolutions for the year and conveyed wishes to all. No sooner did he finish the resolution than he poured himself a cup of home-grown liquor. Once he hit the bottle, who wouldn't want to set out on conversation?

He offered appreciation for the initiative taken and regretted for not being able to play host. However, the limelight of the day was not about playing host or repentance but on imperative concerns of modern times.

It was pleasant to see him express thoughts on pressing issues.

On the serious note, he particularly focused on committing in 
relationship. The role of both the players in molding durable relation was what he highlighted now and then with genuine concern on his freckled face. I conjectured his youthful days and couldn't come in terms when abruptly, in slip of tongue, his wife disclosed one of top secret of past years. 

Embarrassingly he settled the conflict and tried deviating the conversation several times. Eventually he could not and accepted the failure pleading all the young couples present there to shun killing two birds with one stone.

It is no exaggeration to say that most of his views are one way traffic. What prompted to draw the conclusion was the protest he made on the modern ways of healing? He opines that traditional methods are pushed to the limit and scientific approaches somehow overrated. 

According to him, an obese patient should not abstain from consuming fatty stuffs like butter, just because the butter is natural product and would not have any impact whatsoever. Nobody but his own wife retorts sharply to the old school of thoughts.

Another worthy yet lengthy conversation struck was on the nature of different vocations. He doesn't deny that health and teaching are the noble professions. As soon as he spoke on health, he asserted it even nobler than education. Noticing my envy to the assurance made, he swiftly maneuvers the conversation and reassured education is equally essential. 

Nevertheless, he resolutely believe that teachers are the main architect of the nation and need secure protection body should there be problems like recent type. The idea of good discipline, as per him, would have to come from both parents and teachers. That was the only thought provoking dialogue of the day from his side.

Shortly after the meal, prior to the sundown, the get together came to a halt when his bottle got empty. He paid us courtesy for being like his own child and took a flight. While on my part, I thanked him for fatherly hospitality and making us feel home.

Had it not been for the special occasion, I would still be deprived of opportunity to taste my house owners curry coupled with fetid cheese.