February 21, 2013

Tribute to agay

Agay Dophu was an industrious man with stoical attitude. Bought up in Spartan life of mountains, agay was well versed in tending cattle’s and other domestic chores. He lost parents while he was young. Overcame with grievances, young dophu was left helpless. With no one to guide and support, agay shouldered responsibilities alone. Unable to take care of the possessions, he sold everything and decided to live a life of nomads. These cold and bitter experiences eventually changed his mental disposition and turned him into robust man. He worked for others and at other times, tended cattle’s for his living.

It wasn't until his late teens that he slipped into alcoholism. But during those days, it was too scanty to find alcohol sellers. Even if one did, the quality of it was strong enough to collapse the drinker. Instead of quitting, the young man risked his life by compensating for it. At one instant, agay even drank affixing his initial stating that the risk was on his own. When drunk, agay picked up fighting’s and troubled people around him. He squandered sweat earned money on alcohol. However, he was altruistic when sober. Realizing the hardship, agay made up his mind to remain celibate as there was nobody for him. One night, he planned for an escape. Agay descended down the hills and landed in the valleys of west.

Angay was then sweet sixteen when she first met with him. She sheltered him at her place. Young dophu worked hard for Angay and himself too. As time passed, he grew fond of her generosity and asked for marriage. Since Angay was alone, she thought it was better to get married. They worked in their fields and grew crops which fed them well. Everybody in the village dreaded agay for his strength. He worked all day and in night he drank like horse. Many rumors that nobody dared to talk when he was drunk.

Agay’s drinking habit worried Angay. She pleaded him so much. At times berated harshly but he never retaliated a word back. Her words were like pouring water on stone. Fed up with the scene, agay was left carefree and unattended.

Fall summer, Angay delegated work for him. He was to fence the garden and tether the cattle’s. She was unwell that afternoon. Later in the evening, when inquired about the work, agay responded worriedly. “I didn’t do work and went for fishing. I brought some for you”. Angay threw the fish right away on his face and stroke ladle on his forehead. At once, he disappeared and never showed up for a week. After round of peace talk, both agreed to split up mutually. Angay was aware of his secret concubine. Surprisingly, it was her elder sister.

Agay wrote his obituary some three years ago. He always advised us to be good human being. The last time I saw agay was in his bed saying his last words to his sons. I always knew that he was brave and firm in action.

February 7, 2013

College memoirs

It has been a year since I left the college. Cutting back, Time flew so fast and in between, it has tattooed me with lots of reminiscences. Today when I revive those buried days, i get lost.

College life is reckoned as the best of academic career, both in terms of marks and merry making. Bunking classes, proxy, sleeping in the class and paying canteen bills were daily routines. A morsel of college goer puts in their hard work on studies, while others overwhelmed by the college fever and excited to explore the extravagant days. It is a stage where one episode of life unfolds and annals of history are created.

In First semester, everybody is cautious about the money spent on education. However, as the time progresses, this cautiousness, obliviously, fades away. And looks and books become least bothered. Gradually, the focus on academics declines. Nobody reminds to return library books; nobody cares even if the same t-shirt was worn for a week or two, for parents were phone calls away. A night long study was enough to pass the exam with low grades. Remaining semesters followed the same pattern and lots dreaded to attend college.Irregular folks were credited with back papers and it often took extra years to complete.

The living standard resembled celebrities’ life orbited by well-housed electronics including cars and bikes.Every house was seen with internet connected laptops and cabled television. Some even owned sofa sets to feel homely. Jamming up, going out for a ride; clubbing and weekend movies were some of the common trends. Those loaded lord clothed branded,when window shopping became only option for heroes with zeros.Owning a bike was an opportune to active night revelers.

Dating was inevitable because many were still virgin. Some fell in love instantly and for some, it took years. Some bravely confessed their romance and made successful love story which perpetuated. Many couldn’t express; rather, whispered through their eyes and concealed behind computer screens, loving at the speed of Internet and ended as they logged out from Facebook. That’s why many love stories remained ephemeral.

Parents were remembered only at the month end. House rents were delayed often resulting in warnings from the owner. Once the house rent was paid, kitchen requirements were stocked. Remaining money was lavished on edible items and cloths. If it served a month, expeditions were planned. Fibbing was one way of squeezing money from parents. One who handled money wisely had no trouble in management, but most lacked the skill and blew it off luxuriously.

In the end, majority knew the exhilaration of the frenetic rhapsody of chemicals, the adrenaline rush of an alcohol buzz and the ecstasy of doping high. Excitedly, nobody would have missed out a chance to experience the pleasure of unrestrained sex. And then they journeyed back home-deflowered, along with testimonial of degree certificate. 

February 6, 2013

A simple suggestion

With the declaration of BHSEC result 2012, most of the high school graduates seem bewildered about their career choices. 

Having experienced such confusions and studied carrier and counseling module back in college, it isn’t inappropriate for me to share some of the insights that will at least light some of their darkness and that they don’t repent over their choices later on.

   -Set your goal and follow it sincerely.
   -Choose a course that best suits you. If your interest is in humanities, it would be hell to opt for science profession. Similarly, a student whose area of interest is in photography can’t take up engineering and sweat for four years.
   -Don’t get influence by your friends’ choice, after all life is yours.
   -Study the future prospective of the profession that you are opting for.

However, take time and make wise decisions. If you set your hobby as your profession, success is sure to follow you. Salutation to all those who made through the exam successfully and for those who weren’t able to live up to their expectation, back up with this; failure in exam is not failure in life