February 13, 2015

Reasons for latent blog

It’s hard to keep pace with writing especially when you are into the woods and internet facility is at bay. The fact is, it’s even harder with internet facility at home because we tend to procrastinate, taking into consideration that any time a post can be updated on blog. And even as a month is passed, not a single post is seen on blog.

To a greater or lesser extent, it’s the complacency that drives writers inactive on blog. Another attribute of latent blog is the time constraint, either due to busy schedule or lengthy emergency circumstances. 

But to many of us, it is the writer’s block that really puts us to the test. To suffer from writers block is to struggle like a toddler picking how to stand on their own. The more we try to write, frustrated and insecure we feel, landing up hitting delete button the next morning. Not knowing it’s a natural feelings can be killing, because at the peak of diffidence and frustration, few feel defeated and relinquish writing thereafter.

If such feelings pop up in mind, straightaway take a break and never get back to work with overdue thoughts. Look for scenes around the nature like birds making love or take a breathtaking walk and get inspired.

Nonetheless, there are some who make daring comebacks realizing human beings are innately no writers and that it takes even lifetime to become an established writer.  

If seldom the reason for not posting on blog is improvement in writing, it is simple. Just compare a writing with tufts of hair on our head. We never notice the hairs growing but everyday every second it keeps increasing inch by inch and it’s evident only to others. Analogous to the hairs on our own head, the writings composed by self is never on the mend but to the readers it could serve as the feast of their eyes. And to some, it may even be their daily dose of pleasure and if not posted frequently, express grievances over it like our own self do.   

The worst thing we can do in writing is compare with online articles. Of course it is good to do but unless one is a seasoned writer it will only add to insecure thoughts, and in chronic frustration even cause termination of blog. So be yourself and write the way you feel.

It’s a universal truth that reading and writing make good combo. What it calls to be consistent blogger and decent writer is the reading habit. An avid reader is undoubtedly a good writer and takes delight in blogging. It differs over nonreader as much as living differ from dead.

Reading is like banking where a depositor is always credited with interest so long as he makes the deposits. In reading, a reader profit out of books with new vocabularies which is akin to the interest in the bank. As long as reading perpetuates, the interest keep growing handsome making it easier for one to look for words when writing demands.

And so, if your blog remains barren for a while like mine keep calm and read books.