September 5, 2014

Balay Balay: eligible candidate for Ghajini II

Every time the golden hour of day fail to inspire me, Balay Balay shows up to my rescue. He talks on courting tips to issues like recent kidnap in the southern front, and keeps me occupied with mixed thoughts. For quite some time now, he has been my writing inspiration.

What I know of the man is that he is tenacious and full of fun guy. His happiness came from serving cows dutifully, from the flowers in the garden, working zealously in the field and reclining with bottles at the end of the day.

But as much as he is fun, so is he oblivious.  

Since my moving into the house, he has the record of roasting four curry cookers. One being recent, he shares amusingly that he would make an eligible candidate for Ghajini part II.

Gazing in wonder at his state of oblivion, it takes great deal of thought to believe that hard working people are as absent minded as they are busy. I have often heard of the stories of busy man being oblivious but the gentleman here has proved me that busy people are real forgetful.

One time he was cooking. The curry was almost on verge of completion. He lowered the stove and slipped into TV room for 8’o clock news reminding that he should be back within minutes. No sooner did I come back from the shop down floor than the shop aunty knocked my door. She appear worried.

“Something is burning in here” said she with a pant. I scanned to see if everything was safe. Seeing no sign of burn, off she went to find him in the room. Before he could ask her the purpose of visit, a burning odor reminded him of the curry that he just set on the stove. His would be delicious curry turned into black tar and shortly broke out the laughter from the duo. It was one more to his list and suffered the fool easily for the short term memory. Luckily, it was our neighbor residing down floor who knew of the burning up floor. 

Were it not been for her, anything serious could have happened from the kitchen.

Thereafter, whenever it is news hour and curry is put on stove, I keep a check lest all of us be struck by careless bloopers.

Since he is strenuously consumed in day work, he usually don’t make night owl. The last time for the bed would be 10 pm. Quite shockingly, one night I found him up till 1 am with high volume made on the television. Not believing he would make long into the night, I tiptoed till the door to check out. There he was deeply snoring on the sofas with mouth wide open. He didn’t even properly bolt the door. I woke him up and let his device into sleep.

But that night no casualties of burning curry cooker was reported from his kitchen. It was the TV that he forgot to put off that night.

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