January 12, 2018

Revisiting 2017

Just another action-packed year has gone by. Grateful that I mustered all my courage and braved every odds that came along the way. All thanks to the almighty god for bestowing his top notch blessings. And not to be oblivious of my loved ones for keeping in their unremitting prayers and good wishes. 

2017 was grand in many ways.

In a series of flashbacks today, I have learned that the hard earned lessons of past year did pleasantly heighten my enthusiasm for this brand new start with an extra industrial strength. Like the beautiful Charice had hummed, even earthquake can’t shake me. Altogether, it has redoubled my grit for the love of learning.  

In particular, last September was a remarkable one.

I am happy the world cup of reproductive science titled ‘World Congress of Reproductive Biology’ came about at a time before my exit from Japan. I acknowledge all my professors for letting me rub shoulders with scientists from all across the globe. It was truly a powerful experience tuning into the experts of reproductive neuroendocrinology talk on their lifelong research. Or in any Tom, Dick or Harry’s parlance, the Gurus of reproductive biology. The conference also corralled many young scientists and scholars alike to present their research works.

The flood of knowledge let loose in the conference left quite an indelible mark. As I ferret out my own research on how the brain interplays to time the puberty in mammals, I look back to it and realize I have just begun to see the tip of iceberg. It had left me nonplussed. Yet the nerve to keep thrusting ahead was set on fire.

Of course, my excitement of listening to them would have been tantamount to yours, had you speculated reproduction is but a hedonic biological thrill. Haha.

The five days program came to a halt sharing some light moments with the giants. I seized the chance to pose a question or two and tossed beer. I have read in many books scientists relish it.  Sated with pleasure it was simply a world class. The get together was awe inspiring, conversation lifting and first of its kind in my many years of learning.

Besides, Okinawa was veritably a queen of beauty. Her picturesque setting of the tireless sea in the gloaming made everyone come over a pressing call to shed million dollar ideas, discuss and argue constructively for a healthy procreation. Because science is a concerted venture, one man army in quest of cracking codes until that eureka moment is something of an obsolete approach. The Okinawa based conference triumphed in amassing them together. The next mega event will sprout to live sometimes in 2019, Beijing, China.

All in all, the year ended in an extraordinary ways with hopes and aspirations afresh as I take on another promising journey. As usual, I give in to beaver away on whatever sets me in challenge. Explore, dream and discover. 

I could not have asked for any better. Wishing everyone good health and happiness.