September 18, 2014

Ugyen rangdol: kPhone. Steve jobs: iPhone

Imagine for just a moment that you could meet a young man- a man whom you have shared the same table and bench in your high school days and after years of lost contact, you hear him become a successful entrepreneur that it feels like he is the next Steve jobs.

Until my high school, I had a scant knowledge on computers. I have always thought it belonged to smart people. And, of course, everybody had the same view that it was the toy of big brains. Accordingly, average performers were put together in economics class and iconic performers in IT class.

One such brat was a technophobic friend of mine who didn’t conceive the idea of succeeding in computer even in his wildest dream.

He had his first email id created sometime in summer of 2007 when the technology around him was already going viral piercing every parts of world. That was, in retrospect, his maiden step in coming out from the cocoon and discovering the digital world.

                The founder             
Although the man had unremitting affinity for science, faith perhaps had hand in it and compelled him to pursue history which was a nightmare. However in class, his infectious jokes never failed to conquer friends’ heart and soon became a celebrated figure among friends. In recess period he would not fail to delight his fans with lucullan feast of jokes and mockups. Seldom did he keep away friends from belly full of laughter.

More than the lessons in reproductive system could interest us, his witticisms gained our attention.

To many of us in the class, he ranked with Phurpa Thinlay.

Since then, we would lightly banter him as the future PM as his ingenuity of gathering crowds would often go beyond his regular friends. He would talk for any length of time on subjects ranging from vagina and phallus to a new acrobat move in Kama sutra. And keep everyone awake when Einstein’s E=mc2 failed to do so.

In any of my musing and a yearlong stay with him, I hardly heard him making mentions of future business ventures in information technology. Unbelievingly, the boy who stood alien in front of computer emerged as triumphant in field that was once considered “toy for smart people”.

His toy kuzu phone
Today, he is the founder of Kuzu gadgets which is on the gain of immense popularity. Believe it or not, the young man has made his name on one of the national media print as successful youth entrepreneur

What is more amazing is that the man has collaborated with ministry of labor to help job seekers. When he texted the news, the lines of JF Kennedy ‘ask not what country can do for you, ask what you can do for country’ rang inside me.

While many were looking for jobs in government service, he ventured into unknown, let loose his passion and toiled tenaciously at the test of time to win eventually. And the only thing I can make sense of this is that a friend to whom I have ranked with Phurpa Thinlay way back, is now at par with Steve jobs.


  1. Pelden sir, I can see lot of inspiration from him. He's a successful entrepreneur in deed. Thanks.

  2. I think i know this guy...he used to be a pretty boy with so much gel on hair and pimple on face...

  3. I've known this young man for over 20 years now and I must say neither he nor I would have imagined this had you asked us about 10 years ago. We both went down different paths. But we both believe in giving back to the community. I wish him all the best and I also predict great things to come. I hope he realises who wrote this too