June 10, 2014

Pay hike and my house owner

Of late, my house owner who is a dutiful man is often seen missing from his daily chores of tending cattle. Other times, he would even not dare to let them out of his sight, let alone setting them free in others area. Quite strangely, my friend’s kitchen plot which is of little size was robbed out of everything and when enquired, it was my owners’ cattle. Initially, I refuted saying that it might not be his cattle but to my dismay, it was the maroon colored cow that did the damage.
Later I conveyed my friends’ panic to him and asked if he was keeping well, because I have never heard of any complaints from others before. He wittily responded, “Everything is sound and commiserated for the damage”.

Wondering over his frequent absence out door, I felt that he was having problems but I didn’t intrude further pondering it was not my business.

Not until few days that I came to know about his cause of remaining indoor. He was covertly keeping strict check on the national assembly discussions and BBS news. From Shingkhar Gorkhan highway to tobacco control bill, he was updated on everything tabled in the parliament house. On the particular, he was more curious on the pay hike and housing allowance pledged by the government during canvassing period.

I was amazed by his way of vigilance on everything deliberated in the house when he was still oblivious of where his cows were straying. Luckily, it was too good of his cows that they did not encroach into others area in his absence and hauled him into trouble.

Anyhow, it was a clear indication to me that the house rent should be increased any time after the revision. However, since the vacillation of percentage in pay hike because of various plight of the current economic status, my owner seems to be disappointed and uninterested. He didn’t quite like the idea of parliamentarians on not being decisive.

As usual his presence outdoor became prompt. From what I surmised is that he was not very much into the assembly deliberations thereafter and even appeared reluctant to know what percentage of hike was discussed in the house.

With so much of fluctuation in the decision, he was equally confused as to what percent he should increase my house rent.

While it remains as his supremacy to inflate the house tariff, I wish he is as well aware of the tenancy act and impose accordingly.  It has not yet been two years since I last rented his house. Whatsoever, he is not going to spare me from snowballing the rent.
This is the side effect of pay hike on tenants.

How is your house owner reacting to the pay inflation?


  1. Hahaha... It's very interesting la! So at the end, is the pay hike going ahead as per proposed previously?

  2. Not like the initial promise...what i read from one of the newspaper is that only 25% would be considered...m not sure though as i am confused like my owner..lol....Thank u for the visit

  3. Good one sir....yeah just like your owner, I am also equally confused by the decision or indecision rather!

    1. perhaps everybody is confused...thank you sir