April 26, 2013

LOVE people CARE things

I came across this beautiful composition while walking past the board. It was titled “things are to be cared and people are to be loved”. It was carved in decent language yet the content weighed heavy. 

A father was laundering his adored car. His son was frolicking around. As he starred his dad, he went near the car. Unexpectedly, he dented the car. Out of dads love for the car, he started beating his son without realizing that he was hitting with the wrench. The poor little kids’ finger was all damaged and he was taken to hospital.

In the hospital, the boy cried a lot. He asked, “Daddy when will my fingers be OK”? Overwhelmed by the sad tone, tears welled up in his eyes. He begged his son but the boy modestly smiled and hugged him despite the harsh beating.

That evening, when passing by his car, he noticed something on his car. It read, “I love you daddy”. Then he realized that it was scribbled by his son. He repented for his action. He couldn’t do anything to heal his sons’ finger. Filled by guilt, he committed suicide. 

The son permanently lost his fingers. The cold father hanged himself for the coward action.

How crucial is it to love people than to love things. I slowly disappeared among the sea of heads with unforgettable lesson.

April 22, 2013

The coin parable

A coin has two sides. In the same way, life is not always bound by good things. Some days are bad too. We can’t always expect it to be fair. The theater of life has the sad and happy episodes. One’s laughter is always tailed by thousand tears. We say life is a path of roses. But along the beautiful path, we also encounter hardship which make the trip harsh. This tough challenge wakes us up from the ignorant slumber. When we combat the hurdles of life we live with purpose. Like the coin toss, everything is unpredictable.

A coin is round. This resembles the vicious cycle of life. We are connected in one way or other. One’s action will leave a mark on others. We depend on each other for survival. The good will always reap the best. Good merits are echoed back to us when we help others. No doubt the bad will harvest the worst. Nobody can escape the circle of sufferings. It doesn't differentiate between rich and the poor. All are circled by it. The way we influence people positively matters a lot. By doing so, we can liberate ourselves from the vicious circle of life. Our action is the seed of our future.

A coin is mostly blended with silver. It’s strong. Every one of us has the potential to be the coin. All it takes is determination. No matter how hard is the coin, if we don’t care it will rust and lose its radiance. It will be worthless too. Our life is no exception. If we let it corrode like the coin, certain that it will be valueless. Nurture it. Otherwise life would be charmless.

A coin is engraved with stunning designs and famous figures. Our life too can be made beautiful by incising right actions and thoughts. Engage in productive works and let no evils conquer our mind. Great people are remembered throughout the history because of their tireless contribution to the world. We can do the same. One should not be complacent, rather work hard. And for decades, the legacy will be remembered by the world. Those sculptured figures, who selflessly devoted their whole life for the cause of others are today, resurrected. The world looks up to them as an edifice of human being.

A coin is small but efficient. It is constituted of incalculable particles. Undeniably, Human life is also an aggregate of innumerous karma.

In life many small things remain unnoticed. We overlook them not realizing how useful they are. In real, these small things make up life. Although, a coin is less valued it’s worth thousand things. Likewise, we are also capable of doing great things gradually. Good Life is the accumulation of small things. What we call little thing are the embryo of great things. Most of us fail because we don’t care much about the little things. Small kindness, small courtesies and small affection are enough to do wonders because they are the stair way to successful life.

April 8, 2013

Living the right way

Every new day is a challenge for everyone. Perhaps, a disguised opportunity unrecognized. This short-lived moment is the rooster reminding us, how unnoticeably clock ticks. Everything is transforming within a short time.

As an adulterated mind, we drench our juvenile thoughts in the rain of materialistic world. We compromise with adversities to gain pleasure. Life is more than this. While busy chasing the big pleasures of life, we forget to count on small ones. Many things slip away leaving aside important lesson, only to be thought later. Those are actually the real elements which constitute life with meaning.

A life filled with splendor can be achieved day by day if lived wisely. Somebody great said, “The purpose of life is the life of purpose”. Many of us circumscribe today for future. We sacrifice our health and energy for the fleeting comfort. What if we checks out suddenly? Life will be unattended call then. Therefore, live like there is no tomorrow.

If one doesn't dare to take risk, it’s hard to step forward. Take the road less travelled. Live the moment to the fullest and savor the gift of present. It is better to be the slave of future than to be a master of past.

Life is journey, not a destination. Explore, for it has so much to present us free of penny. Judge not what nature offers because the silence it displays is an oasis of wisdom. When we are at peace with nature, it opens the door of sanctum to eternity. It teaches us many things that we are unaware of.

Always garden the mind with beautiful flowers of thought. When we crave too much, it only poisons the mind hindering the way. The thing that stimulates our desire is simply a manifestation to get more. One should be content with everything one has. No matter how thorny the path of our inner voice may be, the odyssey is worth enduring because those who look within make most from the life. Actualized People are ones who have spent infinite energy and time to comprehend their inner voice.

Avoid blaming others for their pitfalls. It is easy to point fingers but know that other fingers are pointing back to us too. People bound by complain are in short of affection. Such types of persons are uncertain to prosper because they have no time for love. They have no time for life either. We should Appreciate and acknowledge others hard work. Our laugh must never be the reasons for somebody’s pain.

Help whenever possible and make others happy. The world laughs in great joy. Fetch smile on others face. Dalai Lama said that even if we can’t be of help to others, refrain from harming. The prime purpose of us being on this planet is to be kind and this is the birthright of all, irrespective of cast, status and religion. Unleash the darkness by being the light while igniting our own.

Living the right way is the DNA of life.

April 1, 2013

Why people lie

Lying is an act of conniving. It impacts individual and society as a whole. Sadly, many of us have entwined it with our daily lives. One way or other, we lie to gain pleasure or to avoid discomfort. However, From Buddhist standpoint, it is considered as an oral sin but the practice is still embraced.

Today, it has become a need for social existence and almost every conversation is blended to add flavor. Truth is hardly spoken. Many of us hide behind it turning our blind eyes and deaf ears. We are sunk in, and to float out of it is something never thought of. People resort to lie for different reasons. The reasons are vast as the human imagination and there are no specific answers to why people lie.

Some are flamboyant by nature. These liars coax others by being ostentatious. Prioritizing proudly with “I” is the core of conversation because the falsifier aims to win over the audiences. Usually, these are sweet mouthed. Though more or less harmless, they are too common. In many cases, they lie to boost their reputation and to shield their personal interest.

Often people lie to impress others by exaggerating. Those who want to be famed are inclined towards this. Almost everybody enjoys this type. Like I didn't bring my car, bike or my father didn't allow me. Actually, it is an indirect way of gaining attention, power and respect. These liars display unusual manners and fake possessions.

Also, there are many who lie for quick financial gains. Temptation, high profile lifestyle and city trend can be attributed as the factor. The social needs and demands compel them to lie.  Especially, some teenagers could be obsessed with so many things as they try to cope up with an adult world. Occasionally, they seek alternative like lie to fulfill the longings. Inevitably, they lie to parents to satisfy their desires.

Casually, people lie to their spouse, superiors or friends just to get along with the hostile environment.

Sometimes when people are faced with dilemmas, they lie. Confessing truth leaves them defenseless and vulnerable. Aftermath is either hide or lie.  When the circumstances are unfavorable, people go for it. It may be due to fear of punishment or unjust laws that are bias. To evade foul mouthing and to prevent criticism, some also refuge in lying. Many a times, it is due to unaccepted truth that people lie considering partial truth will not cause problems.

Competition at work and a sense of entitlement also induces people to lie. For some it’s matter of habit because of constant use of it. Unfaithful Couples lie to sustain healthy relationship. It is used as an approach to keep away troubles and tactics to hide their embarrassments and strengths.

Incredibly, truth is truth and it can’t be buried for it harbors trust. A liar may gain fleeting comfort but in long run, it will root in ignorance which will insecure the peace of mind. It can also infect mankind and make world a living hell because liars abdicate truth and succumb to fake realities.