April 8, 2013

Living the right way

Every new day is a challenge for everyone. Perhaps, a disguised opportunity unrecognized. This short-lived moment is the rooster reminding us, how unnoticeably clock ticks. Everything is transforming within a short time.

As an adulterated mind, we drench our juvenile thoughts in the rain of materialistic world. We compromise with adversities to gain pleasure. Life is more than this. While busy chasing the big pleasures of life, we forget to count on small ones. Many things slip away leaving aside important lesson, only to be thought later. Those are actually the real elements which constitute life with meaning.

A life filled with splendor can be achieved day by day if lived wisely. Somebody great said, “The purpose of life is the life of purpose”. Many of us circumscribe today for future. We sacrifice our health and energy for the fleeting comfort. What if we checks out suddenly? Life will be unattended call then. Therefore, live like there is no tomorrow.

If one doesn't dare to take risk, it’s hard to step forward. Take the road less travelled. Live the moment to the fullest and savor the gift of present. It is better to be the slave of future than to be a master of past.

Life is journey, not a destination. Explore, for it has so much to present us free of penny. Judge not what nature offers because the silence it displays is an oasis of wisdom. When we are at peace with nature, it opens the door of sanctum to eternity. It teaches us many things that we are unaware of.

Always garden the mind with beautiful flowers of thought. When we crave too much, it only poisons the mind hindering the way. The thing that stimulates our desire is simply a manifestation to get more. One should be content with everything one has. No matter how thorny the path of our inner voice may be, the odyssey is worth enduring because those who look within make most from the life. Actualized People are ones who have spent infinite energy and time to comprehend their inner voice.

Avoid blaming others for their pitfalls. It is easy to point fingers but know that other fingers are pointing back to us too. People bound by complain are in short of affection. Such types of persons are uncertain to prosper because they have no time for love. They have no time for life either. We should Appreciate and acknowledge others hard work. Our laugh must never be the reasons for somebody’s pain.

Help whenever possible and make others happy. The world laughs in great joy. Fetch smile on others face. Dalai Lama said that even if we can’t be of help to others, refrain from harming. The prime purpose of us being on this planet is to be kind and this is the birthright of all, irrespective of cast, status and religion. Unleash the darkness by being the light while igniting our own.

Living the right way is the DNA of life.

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