April 26, 2013

LOVE people CARE things

I came across this beautiful composition while walking past the board. It was titled “things are to be cared and people are to be loved”. It was carved in decent language yet the content weighed heavy. 

A father was laundering his adored car. His son was frolicking around. As he starred his dad, he went near the car. Unexpectedly, he dented the car. Out of dads love for the car, he started beating his son without realizing that he was hitting with the wrench. The poor little kids’ finger was all damaged and he was taken to hospital.

In the hospital, the boy cried a lot. He asked, “Daddy when will my fingers be OK”? Overwhelmed by the sad tone, tears welled up in his eyes. He begged his son but the boy modestly smiled and hugged him despite the harsh beating.

That evening, when passing by his car, he noticed something on his car. It read, “I love you daddy”. Then he realized that it was scribbled by his son. He repented for his action. He couldn’t do anything to heal his sons’ finger. Filled by guilt, he committed suicide. 

The son permanently lost his fingers. The cold father hanged himself for the coward action.

How crucial is it to love people than to love things. I slowly disappeared among the sea of heads with unforgettable lesson.

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