April 1, 2013

Why people lie

Lying is an act of conniving. It impacts individual and society as a whole. Sadly, many of us have entwined it with our daily lives. One way or other, we lie to gain pleasure or to avoid discomfort. However, From Buddhist standpoint, it is considered as an oral sin but the practice is still embraced.

Today, it has become a need for social existence and almost every conversation is blended to add flavor. Truth is hardly spoken. Many of us hide behind it turning our blind eyes and deaf ears. We are sunk in, and to float out of it is something never thought of. People resort to lie for different reasons. The reasons are vast as the human imagination and there are no specific answers to why people lie.

Some are flamboyant by nature. These liars coax others by being ostentatious. Prioritizing proudly with “I” is the core of conversation because the falsifier aims to win over the audiences. Usually, these are sweet mouthed. Though more or less harmless, they are too common. In many cases, they lie to boost their reputation and to shield their personal interest.

Often people lie to impress others by exaggerating. Those who want to be famed are inclined towards this. Almost everybody enjoys this type. Like I didn't bring my car, bike or my father didn't allow me. Actually, it is an indirect way of gaining attention, power and respect. These liars display unusual manners and fake possessions.

Also, there are many who lie for quick financial gains. Temptation, high profile lifestyle and city trend can be attributed as the factor. The social needs and demands compel them to lie.  Especially, some teenagers could be obsessed with so many things as they try to cope up with an adult world. Occasionally, they seek alternative like lie to fulfill the longings. Inevitably, they lie to parents to satisfy their desires.

Casually, people lie to their spouse, superiors or friends just to get along with the hostile environment.

Sometimes when people are faced with dilemmas, they lie. Confessing truth leaves them defenseless and vulnerable. Aftermath is either hide or lie.  When the circumstances are unfavorable, people go for it. It may be due to fear of punishment or unjust laws that are bias. To evade foul mouthing and to prevent criticism, some also refuge in lying. Many a times, it is due to unaccepted truth that people lie considering partial truth will not cause problems.

Competition at work and a sense of entitlement also induces people to lie. For some it’s matter of habit because of constant use of it. Unfaithful Couples lie to sustain healthy relationship. It is used as an approach to keep away troubles and tactics to hide their embarrassments and strengths.

Incredibly, truth is truth and it can’t be buried for it harbors trust. A liar may gain fleeting comfort but in long run, it will root in ignorance which will insecure the peace of mind. It can also infect mankind and make world a living hell because liars abdicate truth and succumb to fake realities.  

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