April 22, 2013

The coin parable

A coin has two sides. In the same way, life is not always bound by good things. Some days are bad too. We can’t always expect it to be fair. The theater of life has the sad and happy episodes. One’s laughter is always tailed by thousand tears. We say life is a path of roses. But along the beautiful path, we also encounter hardship which make the trip harsh. This tough challenge wakes us up from the ignorant slumber. When we combat the hurdles of life we live with purpose. Like the coin toss, everything is unpredictable.

A coin is round. This resembles the vicious cycle of life. We are connected in one way or other. One’s action will leave a mark on others. We depend on each other for survival. The good will always reap the best. Good merits are echoed back to us when we help others. No doubt the bad will harvest the worst. Nobody can escape the circle of sufferings. It doesn't differentiate between rich and the poor. All are circled by it. The way we influence people positively matters a lot. By doing so, we can liberate ourselves from the vicious circle of life. Our action is the seed of our future.

A coin is mostly blended with silver. It’s strong. Every one of us has the potential to be the coin. All it takes is determination. No matter how hard is the coin, if we don’t care it will rust and lose its radiance. It will be worthless too. Our life is no exception. If we let it corrode like the coin, certain that it will be valueless. Nurture it. Otherwise life would be charmless.

A coin is engraved with stunning designs and famous figures. Our life too can be made beautiful by incising right actions and thoughts. Engage in productive works and let no evils conquer our mind. Great people are remembered throughout the history because of their tireless contribution to the world. We can do the same. One should not be complacent, rather work hard. And for decades, the legacy will be remembered by the world. Those sculptured figures, who selflessly devoted their whole life for the cause of others are today, resurrected. The world looks up to them as an edifice of human being.

A coin is small but efficient. It is constituted of incalculable particles. Undeniably, Human life is also an aggregate of innumerous karma.

In life many small things remain unnoticed. We overlook them not realizing how useful they are. In real, these small things make up life. Although, a coin is less valued it’s worth thousand things. Likewise, we are also capable of doing great things gradually. Good Life is the accumulation of small things. What we call little thing are the embryo of great things. Most of us fail because we don’t care much about the little things. Small kindness, small courtesies and small affection are enough to do wonders because they are the stair way to successful life.

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  1. Nice review and reflections between coin and our lives :)