September 23, 2014

The story of blessed rainy day

That night heaven kept pouring. The sky turned gloomy more the usual. There was no sign of light although it was full moon night. Clouds scurried past each other but failed to make way for the moon. The sporadic flash from the heaven was the only light to illuminate the earth below. Night was soaked in complete silence and even the stray dogs, as though purposefully, were nowhere to be heard. Whole of the medieval village was deep in slumber.

Midway to the village was a boy of 19 named Kota, full of energy to explore the night. All alone, he kept thrusting forward with hope of fulfilling the nights promise and scarcely cared about getting drenched. But the paradise above showed him no mercy and kept falling on him copiously. When the rain level almost crossed the ankle high length did Kota begin to worry?

Cursing himself, he didn’t stop to give up rather ceaselessly murmured prayers for safe arrival. Except for prayers on lips, he had nothing to defend. If anything ferocious pounce on him he could make an easy supper. Kota regretted for not taking his faithful apprentice Balu- the dog to whom even the wild beasts dreaded. With harsh downpour, the journey seemed further and further away. The pain of venturing out into the night was doubtful of the price it would pay.

After two hours of toilsome journey Kota came across a cave. There, he took a shelter and prayed for the rain to dwindle. Kota’s prayer came true but soon when the rain started again, he knew that the monsoon was erratic.

Kota was determined to make it one way or other. Face taut by cold and clothes soiled, Kota trudged further into the wild. Hours later, the downpour subsided as Kota neared his destination but it didn’t do any good as he was fully soaked in the rain. He didn’t care anymore. By then, he was in the close vicinity of the village. The next formidable task of trespassing into the house worried him. Every clandestine move he made brought the fear of being cut into slices.

With all his guts gathered Kota slipped through the window in one of the house, never sure of coming back. The clock showed 2 in the morning. Like divine revelation, Kota landed into a house whose family had moved out on an invitation except for the lone daughter who was still up. She appeared to be in early-twenties. Exactly what Kota was looking for all his night.

At the sight of him, the lady screamed but he was too quick to cover her mouth and the silence was resumed. Kota persuaded her methodically and she agreed not to aggravate the situation. ‘What’s next’ reflected Kota. The answer seemed nearer.

It took him a good number of endeavors to win her. Shortly, Convinced by the alluring gesture from the other end, he glided his right hand to maneuver in between her bosom which was at its peak of enlargement. She timidly threw his hand. As she wore no bra, it became easier to fumble gracefully. He kissed best with what little he heard from his urban friends to arouse her. Both of them could not resist the rush of adrenaline and soon she fell prey to his amateur foreplay.
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The only part undone was love making. Kota, driven by profuse excitation, finally mounted on her to gently dip his long erected dick when suddenly he was troubled by a piercing noise of his mom. Damn! The show was over.

‘Thrue Thrue Kota, the shower is believed to purge the defilements’ said his mom as if she knew of his erotic dream. 

Kota got up, sighed deeply and felt incomplete for the climax of the dream.

September 18, 2014

Ugyen rangdol: kPhone. Steve jobs: iPhone

Imagine for just a moment that you could meet a young man- a man whom you have shared the same table and bench in your high school days and after years of lost contact, you hear him become a successful entrepreneur that it feels like he is the next Steve jobs.

Until my high school, I had a scant knowledge on computers. I have always thought it belonged to smart people. And, of course, everybody had the same view that it was the toy of big brains. Accordingly, average performers were put together in economics class and iconic performers in IT class.

One such brat was a technophobic friend of mine who didn’t conceive the idea of succeeding in computer even in his wildest dream.

He had his first email id created sometime in summer of 2007 when the technology around him was already going viral piercing every parts of world. That was, in retrospect, his maiden step in coming out from the cocoon and discovering the digital world.

                The founder             
Although the man had unremitting affinity for science, faith perhaps had hand in it and compelled him to pursue history which was a nightmare. However in class, his infectious jokes never failed to conquer friends’ heart and soon became a celebrated figure among friends. In recess period he would not fail to delight his fans with lucullan feast of jokes and mockups. Seldom did he keep away friends from belly full of laughter.

More than the lessons in reproductive system could interest us, his witticisms gained our attention.

To many of us in the class, he ranked with Phurpa Thinlay.

Since then, we would lightly banter him as the future PM as his ingenuity of gathering crowds would often go beyond his regular friends. He would talk for any length of time on subjects ranging from vagina and phallus to a new acrobat move in Kama sutra. And keep everyone awake when Einstein’s E=mc2 failed to do so.

In any of my musing and a yearlong stay with him, I hardly heard him making mentions of future business ventures in information technology. Unbelievingly, the boy who stood alien in front of computer emerged as triumphant in field that was once considered “toy for smart people”.

His toy kuzu phone
Today, he is the founder of Kuzu gadgets which is on the gain of immense popularity. Believe it or not, the young man has made his name on one of the national media print as successful youth entrepreneur

What is more amazing is that the man has collaborated with ministry of labor to help job seekers. When he texted the news, the lines of JF Kennedy ‘ask not what country can do for you, ask what you can do for country’ rang inside me.

While many were looking for jobs in government service, he ventured into unknown, let loose his passion and toiled tenaciously at the test of time to win eventually. And the only thing I can make sense of this is that a friend to whom I have ranked with Phurpa Thinlay way back, is now at par with Steve jobs.

September 5, 2014

Balay Balay: eligible candidate for Ghajini II

Every time the golden hour of day fail to inspire me, Balay Balay shows up to my rescue. He talks on courting tips to issues like recent kidnap in the southern front, and keeps me occupied with mixed thoughts. For quite some time now, he has been my writing inspiration.

What I know of the man is that he is tenacious and full of fun guy. His happiness came from serving cows dutifully, from the flowers in the garden, working zealously in the field and reclining with bottles at the end of the day.

But as much as he is fun, so is he oblivious.  

Since my moving into the house, he has the record of roasting four curry cookers. One being recent, he shares amusingly that he would make an eligible candidate for Ghajini part II.

Gazing in wonder at his state of oblivion, it takes great deal of thought to believe that hard working people are as absent minded as they are busy. I have often heard of the stories of busy man being oblivious but the gentleman here has proved me that busy people are real forgetful.

One time he was cooking. The curry was almost on verge of completion. He lowered the stove and slipped into TV room for 8’o clock news reminding that he should be back within minutes. No sooner did I come back from the shop down floor than the shop aunty knocked my door. She appear worried.

“Something is burning in here” said she with a pant. I scanned to see if everything was safe. Seeing no sign of burn, off she went to find him in the room. Before he could ask her the purpose of visit, a burning odor reminded him of the curry that he just set on the stove. His would be delicious curry turned into black tar and shortly broke out the laughter from the duo. It was one more to his list and suffered the fool easily for the short term memory. Luckily, it was our neighbor residing down floor who knew of the burning up floor. 

Were it not been for her, anything serious could have happened from the kitchen.

Thereafter, whenever it is news hour and curry is put on stove, I keep a check lest all of us be struck by careless bloopers.

Since he is strenuously consumed in day work, he usually don’t make night owl. The last time for the bed would be 10 pm. Quite shockingly, one night I found him up till 1 am with high volume made on the television. Not believing he would make long into the night, I tiptoed till the door to check out. There he was deeply snoring on the sofas with mouth wide open. He didn’t even properly bolt the door. I woke him up and let his device into sleep.

But that night no casualties of burning curry cooker was reported from his kitchen. It was the TV that he forgot to put off that night.