October 17, 2012

The beauty of morning

Robin Sharma truly said, “Those who get up early are those who get the best from life”.  The cockcrow stroked directly onto my window pane and it gingerly touched my face, greeting me through the little chink in the curtain. I was roused form my deep sleep and I could not sleep again. I laid on the couch for couple of minutes. Then I got up, switched on the water boiler and I headed towards wash room for cleanup. After having done everything, I prepared myself a cup of coffee. The cup was over flooded with chocolate. By then it was already 6 but most were snoring and dreaming. I was all alone in the kitchen.

I stared through the window at the calm and quite view outside. The first thing that touched my heart was the pale tinted sun. It has already come out of its nest and started journeying towards west. The heat was gentle and warm. The cool breeze aced through the window and refreshed me. I felt excited and got lost in its unbounded joy. Trees let their branches swing to the motion of cool breeze, composing the sweetest melody of nature. The flowers too, glistened with its natural pigment giving off its cologne. The pearl like dew coupled flawlessly with diamond like meadow.

Nearby on the road, the dim light was still glowing. The lane was empty with no vehicles except some bugs skirting the faint glow. I could also see few cows grazing over green field happily. The avenue was completely filled up with silence. After some time, its beauty expanded as it begun to shower softly. The whole of scene magnified when a rainbow arched over the place. It was miracle in reality. Everything was picture perfect but I wished at that very moment of time, if some morning larks could come and hum in its mesmerizing tone.

The next moment, over the hills, I could see forest which was untouched and pure. It rendered its best service to animals dwelling there. The place of perfect harmony, where good will and friendship turned out into indivisible relationship.

Faraway down the shallow landscape, the small stream flowed with vigorous zest and speed. The sound resembled something, which I could not recall exactly. There I spotted some people with umbrellas overhead and jerkins dangling from their hands. Those folks were the early worm catchers who rinsed themselves with novel spring water. They happily returned back home with songs of joy. Also, the prayer wheel located at the heart of place served as the washer of defilements. The white holy smokes from the stupa disappeared into the atmosphere, which exhibited the uncertainty of life.

I was totally carried away by the virgin beauty of dawn and I stood brooding there for an hour. My coffee has grown cold and thick but i kept sipping till the last. Have I had not gotten up early that morning; I would have missed that golden opportunity. The pleasure was immense.

“Life is beautiful”, abruptly I whispered to myself.