January 14, 2014

Bad ending or bad beginning?

What can be more humdrum than being struck indoor for a month?

This post had been long due because of my eye infection which stranded me from doing many things. Until the conditions improve, I was advised not to step outdoor and do any work that requires vigorous eye sight. The infection, as if deliberately, went rapid soon after the medication. Furthermore, to add up to my anxiousness, a tinge of blood clotted in my right eye which left me worried even more.

Since the infection was worsening day by day, I couldn't let it unattended. The next day I went to hospital. Thank god. I made it on right time. Should it be little late than anything could have happened to my eye?

After thorough investigation, the eye technician crafted a prescription which was exquisitely drafted "admitted". Luckily I had someone introduced to me few months back, working as a nurse in the hospital. Had it not been for my friend, I would have assigned with general ward which was reeking.

First five to six days of treatment nearly left me pee in my underwear. It was painful. The medication went serious, thereof, subsiding the pain gradually but I was assured that the complete recuperation will be guaranteed in a month’s time. Along with the advices, restrictions were also placed equally which is why I failed to cater to my blog for so long.

Thereafter, my routine was changed. It was mostly sedentary lifestyle. Sleep more and stand less. Many a times I have to recline with my eyes closed and let my mind into reverie.

A week slipped by but with same progress. In the ward recovered patients are discharged and are headed home with revitalized health while sick ones took up their places subsequently. I was as well hankering desperately for my turn but I dreaded that it could have some serious repercussions later in future.

Every morning I showed up to the nurse without fail. Unlike in the urban hospital I need not have to wait in queue because I was the lone patient for the whole day. Sometimes even for two. She would get my vision test done and ascertain me everything is ok.

In the evening, I would clean up my eyes and repose for 30 minutes. Then brew tea and watch the sky paint dim through the window in hope of early recovery. With each passing day, my health was getting better.

Soon I grew optimistic. By then with persistent medication the swelling has subsided a lot. Exactly after two weeks, the whole lot turned out to be almost usual.

Not risking it any longer, I stayed for three consecutive days to check if it needed further treatment or not. I was told not to fret but to medicate it on daily basis until the normalcy is restored.

The remedial would not have been early if it were not for god’s salvation and redemption.  I would also like to render invaluable gratitude to my better half for her unflagging care. And to the nurse for her hospitality and to my friends for their get well soon messages.