May 5, 2013

….on teachers day: honoring all my teachers

Almost for dozens of year, I have celebrated the day. I have offered gifts and cards. I have pleaded them to sing and dance. I have imitated them too. Today, it is exactly what I am offered. I can’t believe myself. Mixtures of feeling engulf me at this moment. My pleasure is boundless and it is beyond my thoughts to pen down.  I feel fortunate to be in this noble profession.
May 2nd is celebrated as teachers’ day in all the schools of Bhutan. It is also the birth anniversary of our 3rd monarch, profoundly known as the father of modern Bhutan. The day is rejoiced to pay homage to our late majesty without whom Bhutan would still be paddling for communication, bartering commodities and insulated with loneliness from the rest of the world.
An anonymous said, “Teachers are like candle that ignites others”. Their influence perpetuates till the end of life. Sacrifices, compromises, circumscription and dedication are their daily mantras. Many consider them as the substitute of god. It is their wisdom and insights that channel our lives in right way. They carve us with their god hand and imbibe us with ocean of knowledge’s. Right from “A” to “Z” they guide us like their own child with unceasing care and unconditional love. Not just in school they nurse but in entire life too.
A teacher’s challenge is neither just to preach nor to produce mere toppers but also to seed students with good values and attitudes. Eventually, what they believe is value based human being who navigates in the sea of life with virtuous boat.
To teach is easy but to be teacher is rather a toughest line of work, for they deal with human psychology. I have never realized the pain my teachers have endured. There was no time for me to appreciate their labor. Always i looked for their loopholes and foul mouthed them. I unwillingly stood up as they entered classroom and never did I love them in return.I realized now that everything they did was for my better life. They portrayed their love in the form of abhorrence, care in the form of cane and attachment in form of fear. I saw through their eyes how it feels like when their expectation was shattered into pieces.
Teachers have greater impact on the lives of everyone. Not just one, not just two but as long as he lives.
On this auspicious occasion, I take this privilege to thank all my teachers for making difference in me. I am deeply indebted to you all for nurturing the fragile plant right from the embryo. It is because of your wisdom that I have sailed across these far.
I promise to unfold the legacy. Just like u did in my way, I hope to be light in somebody’s darkness and continue the voyage. You taught me to combat the odds of life.
As I reluctantly end my words, I acknowledge all my teachers for believing in me. Thank u teachers, you colored my life.