June 25, 2014

Lively June

June month have seen several significant events unfold- both national and international. At the national front, the state visit of a newly elected Indian prime minister ushered in new dimension to the already stabilized ties of the two countries. Further, the prime ministers’ address to the national assembly gave new hopes for politicians and Bhutanese people, initially, of which it was rumored to have aroused tension in the air. Now that we are aware of his noble intentions behind the visit, there is hardly any room for one to harbor suspicion. Interestingly, his articulation of upholding the age old friendship between the two like milk and water was yet another strong message that assures future assistance of any sorts.

Other areas of interest included doubling of scholarship slots, tourism and installation of e-libraries across the length and breadth of the country. I am of steadfast faith that the man would come up with list of priorities that will best suit Bhutan’s interest.

On the contrary, there were lots of grievances over the media on the recent pay revision. It took parliamentarians several rounds of discussion to arrive at a consensus that made everyone at least not go gaga. Whether or not the decision is palatable, everything is out on the newsprint, and the tentative implementation is due in come July. 

While away from home, it is the destination Brazil which is still underway with so much of twists and turns. There is no denying that the global event is once in a life time affair for few countries and that this time of the year is most jubilant. Not only does the show comes in great surprise packages and frustrations for field fans, but also for those viewing live through television. Of the many, the early check out of defending champion, Spain, was the greatest surprise ever. It was sad to see world number 1 make their exit out of world cup. Even Spanish fans around me are exasperated to the brink and have already teamed up with Brazil to avenge the Dutch for great humiliation done to Spain. However, I am hopeful that if the two goes on head to head with each other anytime, the Dutch is going to be no different from what they were in 2010 world cup.

The other package is my students who are compromising destination Zhemgang in the name of cheering up for their teams. Even exam doesn’t seem to bring them fear. Few opined that the world cup is rare event and not a single match should be missed at least for this time. Are they going nuts?

While on the other end, the school has officially embarked on its maiden journey of autonomy towards achieving greater feats in future. Community and stakeholders were also involved to work towards the well-being of the institution. And having witnessed the response, it was encouraging to see many of our parents take up the concern and responsibilities. We are certain that the contribution would help school maneuver in right direction and earn us the good reputation.

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