August 24, 2014

Thursday and Friday evenings with Sancha and Pelden

My students are well conscious of what makes them not a Buddhist and when asked on this, they hum in unison- ego, pride, self-centeredness and clinging to materialistic objects. The same question I do a bit of modification and ask- what makes you all not a reader. They all go silent staring at each other seemingly they have just heard the world’s hardest question. This is the cold fact and, surprisingly, we see quite a lot making mention of the hues and cries of language when they have not even read one.

Given the opportunity, I would love to ask the same to the entire students of the nation and hear what makes them not a reader too. Regardless of free access and easy availability of books at their disposal, many appear indifferent for the liking of the books.

Notwithstanding incessant marvels and geniuses of books, I was stumped to see only few of whole students read a book. Confused and not confirmed by the reaction, I asked them why…..

One of the top excuse they make is time constraint. Not being able to balance time between thick text book and recess period seems to hit high on index.

Another reason is habit, not well bred, which makes them indisposed to even try for one. Others include limited interest and a fancy that language should be focused more by someone from literary fraternity. While many seem to have never thought on this serious matter.

Driven by plight, I along with one of my teacher friend started a book talk titled “READ ZHSS” to mainly inspire and inject the habit of reading in students. And, perhaps, also to make reading a part of their leisure activities rather than to squander time wildly.

It was good of them to take up the concern positively and impressive enough to see readers from all levels of class. The number of reader turnout was more than expected.

Although the program is in embryo, having witnessed the interest of readers, we are on upbeat that no stones would be left unturned in come Thursdays and Fridays. However with list of after class activities impeding their way, so far it was only one evening that we could make.

All in all, one evening had been a great success.

What my calculated guess have is reading does miracle -from his holiness the Dalai Lama to guns and roses, books influence have never ceased to inspire them. Likewise by beholding the zenith of inspiration, I hope to infuse the healthy practice and see more of my students stirred up by the charm of reading. 

Someone has rightly quoted “reading a book is like having conversation with sublime soul of centuries”. Needless to say, books not only nourish the mind but as well serve as unremitting companion in times of solitariness. Through reading we become traveler around the world and seeker of the fact.

Source: Google
Even more, it treats couples with chicken soup for healthy relationship and tell us men are from mars and women are from Venus. 


  1. That will be one of the greatest initiatives you two have started there. I just know how students there mostly brought up in rural places are away from this habit of reading. Hope they will take it seriously and as you said discover the charm in reading.

  2. Keep up your effort in building the reading habit to your fellow students while they are still very young Pelden! It will benefit them in the future :)

  3. I buy your opinion that Reading Habit is alien to many students. As a student I read very handful, even during college days reading hasn't picked up. If I have regretted today, I regret for not reading. I should have started reading way back from the basement of my education. Reading do miracles. Kudos to effort you are putting in to make students READ.