February 6, 2013

A simple suggestion

With the declaration of BHSEC result 2012, most of the high school graduates seem bewildered about their career choices. 

Having experienced such confusions and studied carrier and counseling module back in college, it isn’t inappropriate for me to share some of the insights that will at least light some of their darkness and that they don’t repent over their choices later on.

   -Set your goal and follow it sincerely.
   -Choose a course that best suits you. If your interest is in humanities, it would be hell to opt for science profession. Similarly, a student whose area of interest is in photography can’t take up engineering and sweat for four years.
   -Don’t get influence by your friends’ choice, after all life is yours.
   -Study the future prospective of the profession that you are opting for.

However, take time and make wise decisions. If you set your hobby as your profession, success is sure to follow you. Salutation to all those who made through the exam successfully and for those who weren’t able to live up to their expectation, back up with this; failure in exam is not failure in life

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