January 3, 2013

The story of cat, cow and the dog

The cow, cat and the dog were once best friends. They lived at peace with other animals and helped each other. Their shelter was made up of thatches and dried leaves. For cooking, it was routine wise and as the cat was smallest among the trio, he was spared twice in a week. She received the most care and love from the other two friends.  The cat never took the advantage despite the freedom. She helped them in fetching water and never allowed any rat to house in their home. It was her responsibility to keep away the rats.

The dog was the hardworking among the three. His fur was thick and black. Works like collecting firewood, trapping and guarding were done by him. He slept more during day time as he has to stay awake the whole night. He cared his friends like brother and sister. The dog ensured security and peace to his two other friends. Since he was elder, he shouldered majority of the task. Often the dog went out for hunting and brought home food. 

The cow, roan in color was second eldest among the friends. He loved eating green grass and basking in the sun. He never allowed the grass around the house to grow tall and maintained clean surrounding. Milk, cheese and butter were produced in adequate quantity and half the product was enough to satisfy three of them. The leftover was sold to the other friends. They had enough saving and lived harmoniously. The cow was pious and chanted prayer every night before going to bed. Whenever it was possible, the cow made it for a pilgrimage. 

One day they planned to go for animal carnival. It was to commence after a week. All of them were excited, for it was their first time visiting such special occasion. They rehearsed as to what dress they are going to wear. Finally, the much awaited moment came. 

The pussy wore her mini skirt with leggings. Dangled her pocket size handbag and busied with make ups. The cow dressed in decent fabrics with leather boots on. Hair oiled and perfumed his fur. The dog picked up his favorite collar shirt and tucked in torn jeans which were chained. With everything done, they moved out of their house and waited for vehicle.
3 hours passed. No sign of vehicle. All the three were frustrated and decided to cancel the trip but the cat kept on insisting until a bus turned up. The journey was for an hour. All of them snoozed and when they got up, they were already there. No sooner did the bus halt than the cat ran away without paying fare. She was nowhere to be seen. This frustrated the driver. The cow paid his share and waited. The dog paid his share as well but the driver didn't return his change and accelerated away. From that on, the cat ruined their friendship.

Today for this reason, whenever a cat sees a vehicle, she runs away fearing for the fare. However, as the cow had paid his fare, he doesn't even bother to give a way. On the other hand, the exasperated dog keeps tailing vehicle asking for his change but to no avail.

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