August 15, 2012

Note from a amateur writer...

I wouldn’t exist today, if my parents were not together. My life started as a cell inside her womb. Having safely nurtured, she bestowed me with an opportunity to see the world. She shared me all that she could, and relieved my pain with happiness. She helped me recuperate from illness and gave me her best comfort. And in return, I exchanged her kindness with madness. The pain of nourishing and giving birth to me was intolerable to her.

The trouble of raising me became severe to her, as I started growing up. She didn’t understand my needs and wants. All she did was caress me in her warm arm, all night long with lullaby. Every night was nightmare for her because she couldn’t sleep soundly. I disturbed her, whenever I wanted to but that wasn’t intentional. She poured frustration on me and it was of no use. I was like a body with no soul and I could barely see things with my eyes.

I gradually started transforming with the help of her love and care. I could see the things around me and at times, I too could laugh but not in proper way. Every time, I took shelter in her arms crying for milk. The words could not be uttered from my mouth, though I had one. Distance could not be covered even if I was gifted with legs. It was almost like rudimentary organs. There wasn’t proper place for me to shit and pee. All that I could do was cry whenever my diapers were wet. She was there for me to do all those stuffs.

The period of trouble slowly subsidized as the time flew by. Since then, I was able to crawl and make senses in my little ways. The burden of soldering me became less. Still, the need for feeding the little boy was necessary. She took extra responsibility to shape and guide me through tough times. The fear of losing me hung around in her mind and I was protected from fire, water, pointed objects and so on. She gave me whatever was needed and kept me happy.

Since they didn’t want me to toil later in life, I was enrolled in a school. They wanted me to be self-reliant when I grow up. At times, they would be rude and punish me for misbehaving but with good purposes. I would always nag her, whenever I could. Finally, the boyhood mischief days were over.

Those nostalgic days often brings smile on my face and tears in my eyes. How funny was I, when I reflect back on my bygone days? And now, life has taken a different twist and I am no more the same. I have duties to bear and something to do. Time has come for me to prove myself and I can’t effort to be the same puppet to her, any more. I have come all this way and the credit goes to my parents.

Today, she calls me ‘SIR’ and I proudly raise my head, hugging her. I feel very much honored to be her son. I will never forget your kindness and I promise you that, I will make you feel the same as I do right now. You will linger in me till the end of time.

Apa and Ama, where would I be without you two. Thank you for everything.

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