July 20, 2012

Unique Generous Youth Embarking and Nurturing(UGYEN) wisdom

The serene river flows with its purity and liberates its cool breeze. The chirping of the birds enlightens the place and makes it worth living. Sited in the undisturbed location, the hub of academic excellence lays, blessing students with wisdom. The school of will, innovations, leaders and learner stands proudly.

Ugyen academy is one of the renowned schools in the country. Every year, it produces cream and brilliant students. The school has fame not only in academics but also in other activities. It stands as epitome and serves as a home away from home. The school is gifted with all the required facilities. The environment in the school is best suited for learning. Green trees, green grass and green surroundings surviving in perfect harmony, making the school appear like heavenly abode, guided by the philosophy of GNH.

Moreover, the wisdom imparters here are perfectionist. They are all supportive and lend their hands whenever needed. They serve to the need of the students and escort them to become the perfect beings.  Because of the dedicated service of the teachers, students are edified and well versed in everything they do. Teachers here are source of inspiration and imbibe ethics, which is of ultimate importance in life. The dedicated service of the teachers never goes in vain. And In return as homage, students repay by excelling in academic fields earning reputations.

‘A perfect disciple for perfect teacher’ is what I would describe about the students. They are well mannered and worth teaching. They are gentle in behavior and obey what their teacher instructs. Their sincerity and punctuality is something that others can really look into. It seems to me like they have already mastered over mannerism. Talking on their talents, I would just say ‘master piece’. On the field, they have the spirit of true sportsmanship, be it girls or boys. They have indoctrinated the values of time. Every hour is precious for them and they say, ‘the best way to stop the time is by making most out of it’.

I was amazed, particularly by their good manners and I hope someday that they will become the leaders of the country. I take pride in calling them ‘Generation Next Heroes’.

The school believes in the principle of gross national happiness. The motto of the school says ‘be the best’. And they are proving that they are worth it. in fact, they are very practical. Apart from their studies, they have carved in themselves, the attitude of being responsible citizens. The school looks tidy because the students have clean and pure mind.  

The joy of being in this school is immense. It is beyond my thoughts to put it into words. The almighty above may always bless the school in times to come and let it go beyond the demarcation of ‘perfection’. The wisdom be endless like flowing river, and may the sun of glory shine forever in Ugyen rigpey jueng Ney. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone here.

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