September 9, 2012

Quit lowballing others

As human beings, we all have tendency to overlook things and that’s where most of us commit silly mistakes. The worst thing that a man can ever do is undervaluing others. Some individuals looks handsome, some ugly and some beautiful but we never know what they own inside. It’s only when we deal with that particular person that we know about them in depth. Does being indolent mean, you don’t know anything? The big interrogation point in many of us but it is fact.

I have encountered such incidents many a times. Recently, my essay begged first position in college. I wrote on topic, ‘literacy and peace’ which was the theme for world literacy day. Many of my friends congratulated on my achievement and I was really proud.

But disheartened very badly, when someone turned up saying, “did you really write that piece by yourself”? I just shrugged my soldier and said sarcastically, no someone just wrote for me. What pierced me was her underrating quality on me. I know where my strength lies and even if I am not good in things that she is good in, I am sure she doesn’t possess every character that I am good at. It doesn’t mean that I am blowing my own self. Everyone is special in their own ways.

The old maxim says, “A book should not be judge by its cover”. This is true and most of us under level the other side, advertently or inadvertently.

Let me share a short story. There was an old man who was well versed in music and he knows to play every kind of instruments but he was very decent and humble in his nature. Despite his talent in music, he never boosted his pride and remained as if he knew nothing. Once it so happened that a young man of late 20’s with a guitar in his hand, was passing by his house and he happened to ask for it. He was rejected very badly and the young man said, “old man doesn’t know anything and if I give, you will only destroy the tuning of my guitar”. The young man berated him so harshly and walked out so proudly. The poor old man just laughed out loud and entered his small hut and started strumming on his old guitar.

Weeks after, there was musical competition at the suburb of town. The old man enrolled his name in the competition and the next day, he was to showcase his talent. The young man along with his friends was also participating in the musical contest. What shocked the audience was the performance of the old man. He swept away the first price and the young man got nothing. Instead he was astounded to see the old man’s talent and felt guilty of his words.

The young man learnt a lesson and he promised to never ever overlook the other person, regardless of looks, status and simple mindedness.

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do’’- Steve jobs