September 26, 2012

An odyssey of sanity

Up above, the sun had slipped out of sight, only its glow still visible along the rim of high clouds. The sky had begun to lighten and the air tasted of dew. The zephyr so gentle and it hastened leaving nothing but only the rush of its touch. Its beauty tinged with faint rainbows with light drizzle. Birds chirped at the top of their voices and flags wavered with its immaculate beauty. The river below spanned with its motionless tide and freed its cool breeze. The paddy rooted in the field quivered along with the way of the wind. The joy was boundless.

Underneath a tree was a gentleman named sangey puffing his day’s last cigi, rummaging through his old torn diary. He flipped the pages as if he had some important work. All of sudden, he paused when he came across an excerpt written in lower spidery case. As soon as he started skimming, his eyes got filled with tears of joy. That page had lots of untold stories. Those floods of memories made him think vastly.

As a kid, he was liked by every tom, dick and harry. He had all the loved people around him and everything was lively. His parent gave whatever he wanted and they never let him down, as he was the only child in the family. Their love for the son was unconditional and they raised him in their best possible ways. He was fed with good food and unfailing care despite his snotty attitude.

Sangey achieved whatever he shot for and every friend of him wished to have life like him. He was gifted with everything. As he kept budding, he started being skeptical and arrogant. He took advantage of his parent’s simplicity and he would not heed any of his parent’s words of wisdom. The fear of sangey getting snared in a web of substance abuse secreted in his parents mind. Time and again, he was kept alert to refrain from such misbehavior.

Time had come when he had to be on his own. He was accepted as a boarder in one of the schools in the west but the bond of love survived the distance as his parent kept him posting letters. Now that he was away from his parents, he began involving in unwelcoming behaviors. It all started with a stick of coffin nail. Gradually he substituted it with some hard substances. Sangey was caught hard in the rings of smoke of reefer.

Back at home, the news reached his parents like atom bomb. The faith was shattered and their trust on him was broken. He was expelled from the school. As he descended from well to do family, he wasn’t ignored badly. With all the pleas, he was again admitted in a school with last warning. He was repeatedly reminded to stay away from getting into abuse. In spite of all the hues and cries, he could not prove himself. As a last hope he was send to rehab for improvement.

Sangey underwent through intolerable enticement during his stay at rehab. Tardily with the help from councilors, he was able to overcome his night mares. He was discharged after successful months of sobriety. Today sangey owns a car and wherever he goes, he stands as a prototype to other addicts. Sangey helps vulnerable youths as and when he can. He proudly articulates, “Sun dancing on leaves, flowers bowing down and ultimately my craving has vanished among the shadows of yesterday”

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