September 25, 2012

in dire need of H2O

Chemistry defines water as the combination of two molecules of hydrogen and a molecule of oxygen. Water is a basic requisite for survival. No organisms on earth can make it without water. Cells in our body need it for respiration, energy production, digestion and many more.  Deprivation of water in our body leads to dehydration and it may prove fatal, if it proceeds for longer period of time. Every life requires water for carrying out various life purposes. Water is essential mainly for laundry, cooking, cleaning, and showering and so on. Our living is solely dependent on water and no beings can abnegate its need.

Envisage a survival without water for just one hour, that too in a hot climatic condition. It’s like feeling hell for short span of time. That’s exactly how we are feeling these days. Water supply had gone out for more than two days. Trainees are seen hunting for water everywhere but it appears like as if the college has been banned from water.  We are walking almost about half kilometers early in the morning in search of water, just to groom up.

Moreover, my dining menu has altered recently due to poor water supply. I and my ill roommate had been gobbling on noodles since two days. Our room has rich collection of water bottle and we have spent barely ngultrum 2000 on it. It looks hilarious and we are left with no options. Also our nesting time has metamorphosed. Late night expecting for water in the kitchen has become our everyday program but all in vain. At one point we cooked food using mineral water.

Many have missed their class, not because they wanted to but due to acute shortage of water that they couldn’t even wash their faces. Are we machines made up of engines and functioned by oils? I would succinctly construe, we are just flesh and bones and we need water for everything.

Every day we lose water through urine and perspiration. The need for supplement is mandatory as it might lead to disorders. In a hot place like Samtse, we should in fact be supplied with water supply 24*7 times. Truthfully speaking I attended three classes without even grooming myself. Who knows there might also be some trainees, who have attended classes like me?

The most uneasy situation is laxation in lavatory that is deprived of water. Imagine how evil would it stink?  Shall we find another alternative by vanishing among the bushes? I think it would not be suitable for budding teachers like us. This is age of technology and let us all accustom ourselves to 21st century.

Now the million dollar question is that, isn’t the college administration broaching this issue? So that the future trainees pursuing degree in this college wont sweat in peace like us. I vaguely discovered that this issue isn’t modern. It existed eons ago. Right away it is appropriate time that college find out some remedies to settle this trouble before it become unresolvable. I hope it won’t remain as a patrimony to future tyros.

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