October 16, 2013

Why some students quit schooling?

A first ever kind of post I am writing as a concerned teacher and moreover, as a loyal citizen. I may sound naïve but with utmost feeling, I pour out this sentiment left by some of our parents on their children.

Not all students hail from a sound background. Some are rich, some middle class and some very poor. So poor that they even can’t meet their own necessities. However, whether rich or poor, parenting plays a vital role in grooming up the children in school.

Students who are parented well at home are most likely to succeed in school than others. No wonder. They conduct themselves well. Their whereabouts are watched every day, be it in school or away from school by their parents. If they show up late to home, they are scrutinized strictly. Their homework’s are frequently monitored upon and ensure that the child is free from the substance abuse.

More importantly, they spare most of their time with the children.

A child upped in this conducive environment is definite to perform well in life, not only in school.

However, some students are just the opposite. They are so disruptive that they even go to the extent of vandalizing principal’s office. No matter how often they are consoled, berated or even caned they hardly show slim improvements.

Despite the perennial efforts, the progress of such students regresses blatantly. He or she begins to portray no interest on books, disturbs the next students and many a times, avoid attending classes. Furthermore, their conduct remains too adamant to be changed.

Is it the intentional decadence of the student? Or is it the negation of the teachers? 

The question, long time back rested on teachers alone can be answered if only there is equal willingness from the parents.

Together, the collective effort can help resolve the problem.

Of late, one of my students suddenly went missing from the school. Since then I have always wondered with much perplexities. Did I fail to do my part?

Later I enquired and found from his friends that he left the school. Nobody actually knew the root cause. Not to worsen the matter further, I broached the concern to school management. The school called up for necessary intervention but failed from other side.

One day along with the excursion made by my agriculture students to a nearby village, I was also accompanied. My mission was to personally meet his parents and sort out the mess. In spite of confessing the problems, the mother never did once come into my sight. I just wanted to convey her that the school is permanently striking off his name and handing over the student to them. All my trials went unnoticed.

Days later, a close neighbor of him shared me everything. He didn’t want to drop school by choice. Circumstances compelled.
He was the eldest of the three. Sometimes, he returned to school after lunch without food. He tended his little brother and sister which barred him from coming to school. Besides, his parents were also split up.

The shocking part was quite often, it was the 16 year old boy who headed the house, when he himself was incompetent of heading. What is more shocking was the mothers’ ignorance on her child’s whereabouts.

If parents work collaboratively with teachers, I am certain that every child will be special.


  1. In fact, contrary to what you say, sometimes, more than a parenting, the parent's situation forces things to work out in a way the situation forces. Like in your story, an elder son sacrificed for the younger siblings and family's well being. I remember myself baby sitting my two young siblings and missing the classes, but i never took it to heart because i always thought that my parents always wanted good things for everyone in the family.

  2. Situation sometimes is self inflicted. But here the blame can be put on both the situation and the unconcern parents. Once the child is away from their sight, the task is completely left on teachers. Who knows what is happening mid way? To act as a surrogate parents and remain behind at this age is not the primary goal. It might be for one or two time. The majority of time should be dedicated to schools.
    Any way thank you for the valuable comment.