October 12, 2013

Digital detox

We live in a world where we are completely engulfed in the pleasures of electronic paraphernalia. Further, the growth of various tempting gadgets and gears has blended in much more comfort to human life, so often resulting in cataclysm.

It has created disparity; status ailment and a whole lot have become thralldom out of it. Our cognizance has been excessively obsessed that we don’t want to desist it even for a short while. With so much of dependency, the human mind is drenching out of propensity and liveliness which was once mother of all creation. 

Moreover, with mammoth penchant for the technologies, chances are there that the endangered customs and traditions of one’s independent life may extinct.

Nonetheless, the cosmos have witnessed unprecedented joy with the birth of bizarre electronics. More than anything, it has prioritized our comfort and time. Since its advent, we have been able to carry the world on our palm, plunge into the deepest of the ocean and rummage through the wildest of nature. Sometimes, even revive the lost life. Such is the affinity we have for electronic gears.

More likely, it has become a sort of supplementary organ without which we feel vestigial and desolated.

I have never been disconnected from cell phones at least for the last seven years. Independently, I started owning one right after the completion of my high schools. Since then, I have grown too accustomed to it that wherever it was, I always carried and kept it connected. If it was not for the call, than it would be for music or do some gaming over the phone.

However, I suffered painlessly before two days when I forgot to carry the phone with me. I was rushing against the limited time, fretting that I might drop by late. On nearing the gate, I effortlessly fumbled my hand into the pocket to check the time but I fished nothing inside. Alas! The phone was left home. And to turn back was just a squander of energy.

I clambered hard over the desultory thoughts and truncated the unease reproachfully. I mulled over and made a silent resolution to abnegate it at least for a day. Then I strolled past the door as if somnambulating in dream. Panting a heavy sigh, I perched on the maroon chair with runnel of thoughts which I never frequently ponder upon.

“How would it be in sheer absence of technologies”? And I exited the room.

Contemplating the serene air, I stood on the lawn only to be interrupted by the sonorous sound of the bell. One of the phones buzzed, crossing my mind to unconsciously fumble my hand back again into the pouch but only to fish the void inside. Every time others phone rang, I was the one checking it for my reflex has been conditioned.

A day off from simple gadget has armed me with true essence of pencils and papers. Besides, while making romance with my own penmanship, I learnt not to rely so much on lifeless object.

How often do you part from electronic aids? Please share your insightful stories with us.

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