October 5, 2013

Grievances over water shortage

Here I am up with another post, one of its kinds written somewhere in mid last year. 

Needless to say, water is life. If deprived, it is a menace.

Water scarcity is not a solo problem but a nationwide concern. The scant water supply here is really worrying. The fact is, neither do I see skyscraper crowding nor do I see sharp modernization overtaking. Yet, the problem erects before us like the giant unconquerable mountains.

Besides, it has become a frequent feast for media from here. Despite the voices aired up on media, the implementation accelerates at tortoise speed. Hence, the stake remains persistent throughout.

In a sprouting place where population is modest and where there is not much of housing congestions, I find it too untimely to have faced with such problem. Or is it the total negligence of people on management of water?

It has been almost a year since I last housed here. Still I have not been a witness to a single day with rich water supply. Every time it is disgruntled face expressing their grievances over the same age old problem. Only few wise think on tackling the issue, but until a handsome willing hands shoot up along with some aid from the concerned agency, the problem would always remain as a problem.

I am a daily victim of this problem. I fail to be morning lark. And by the time I am up, my reservoir is empty, hungrily guzzled upon by the neighbor next door. At times, it is maddening but someone, whose voice is unheard and not heeded on, always remains suppressed and inhibited. 

A friend of mine who is a native denizen of the place has been moaning over the problem for last few years. Still the progress seems sluggish, he claims. However, with a cloud of hope in eyes, he waits for the good day to unfurl. Of the many, hoteliers are severely inflicted with trouble because with the insufficient water supply, the income they generate is a shoestring budget. Often the hotels remain shut down.

Given the timely downpour and favorable weather to rely on, what is it that still leaves us short of water? Is it that the source is getting dehydrated or never been scrutinized since its inception? I am bewildered. 

Seriously, it is never too late to pluck the loophole before the problem becomes a grave consequence.

While we have reaped plurality of pleasures from what our forefathers have inherited for us, let’s also not forget to invest wisely for our budding generations. 

But like in olden days, people often have to disappear among the bushes.

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