November 14, 2014

The Pursuit Of HappYness

“Happiness is something we can only pursue, and maybe actually we can never have it, no matter what” – from the movie ‘The pursuit of HappYness’.

In the movie, Will smith is Chris Gardner and his biological son Jaden Smith is Christopher. Chris is medical device seller with no stable income and runs his family by selling bone density scanner. At least he has to sell two in a month to pay rent and day care fee. But he lands up without even selling one for a while.

His wife is a maid trying equally hard to make the ends meet.

In times of economy depression, the news of budget deficit further augments his disquiet and at the thought of it, almost completes solving a puzzle cube in-front of TV.

On his way to selling bone density scanner, Chris confronts a well-bred man who checks out from a posh car. Unrestrained by the enticing car and princely fineries, he questions the man- “What do you do and how do you do it?”

“I am a stockbroker” comes the reply. Chris interjects “I have to go to college to be a stockbroker” maintaining smile on his face.

“You don’t have to”, cuts short the broker and continues “be good at numbers and at people”. With this remark, Chris sees all people around him damn happy. Shortly, he broods over his own happiness and feels incomplete. 

Later, Chris talks about getting into job to his wife. As he have not even sold one, this evokes a tension in the air. They are two months due of house rents and confusions breaks out between the two. However, Chris remain firm and fixed in his determination to tend his family.

Motivated by the words of stockbroker, Chris would set out to Dean Whitter Reynolds for internship as broker trainee. He is one among many fighting for the one and only place in the program which take 20 people every six month. It is the survival of the fittest.

Back home, Chris is haunted by worries.

Industrious and optimistic as he appear, Chris never fails to wear smiles in front of Christopher.

Chris Gardner has no time. He has device to sell, son to pick up from day care and application to follow up. With tighter schedule each passing day his determination grows ever stronger but the relationship he possess with his wife dwindles.

Once Chris shows up home late after his futile works which turns everything upside down. His wife vexes over his late night turn up and Chris rushes home only to find the empty house. But he still manages to get hold of Christopher.

With father and son together, the problem mounts bigger and bigger. But Chris never let personal problems impede professional life and interns with utmost dedication despite the hoots and toots and domineering bosses.

In the course of time, they loses their house, seizes bank balance and one time even lands in public washroom. Of all, the only priceless value they never lose is the trust and hope between the father and son. Somehow, Chris manages to sell his device and regales Christopher with chocolates. The money he fetched from the bone density scanner sends them from public washroom to decent hotel.

At the last day of his intern, Chris appears before the supervisors with an ironed suit and says “I thought I would wear a new shirt today as it’s my last day here”.

“Wear one tomorrow because tomorrow is going to be your first day if you would like to work here as broker Chris”. Eventually the price is paid and Chris is in.

Tears well up in his eyes and says it was not as easy as he thought to be working as broker before he got into it.


  1. Inspiring story. I would love to watch the movie.

  2. It's a touching movie. I too watched it. A very well written review. Keep writing.