November 9, 2014

Innovation in lifelong learning: Bridging to the future

Following is the introduction i wrote for Wenhui award.....

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Education is indispensable for transforming everything around us. It is not just centered around the four walls of classroom and confined to curriculum knowledge, but a lifelong voyage with larger purpose. How one is educated and nurtured can undoubtedly change the world and lead to human fulfillment, peace, sustainable development, economic growth, gender equality and responsible global citizenship. It imparts people the understanding, skills and lessons to foster harmonious world.

The way education has brought resilience to war prone nations has always intrigued mankind for centuries. It has troubleshot the problems of torn out regions; recuperated many fractured countries, resolved power struggles and eventually brought every citizen together as one people.

One crucial area of interest where education has touched immensely is the human resource. Progress index of any country is measured in terms of how well equipped its citizens are. And it is dream of every nation to stride her citizens with at least the basic education. Predominantly, it has helped poorly evolved nations to stem from poverty, health problems, political upheavals and economic crisis. With the realization of capacity building in pushing development forward, investment in education is being made now.

It was also found necessary that to take part in global economy, education was the prerequisite and that setting precedence over the education has helped overcome many issues.

On the ethnicity front, it has taught mankind to appreciate and respect the richness of diverse cultures.

Gender disparity is one of the globally debated concern existing in every niches of the world. Many are of myth that women are inferior and their life is confined to culinary delights and household chores. The advent of education has paved a road of equal opportunity for everyone irrespective of their gender, caste and social backgrounds. The augmentation of women’s participation is a testimony of how education has played a greater role in moulding women’s life.

Holistically, education is not just read, write and retrieve knowledge from text book. The answer for the challenges of 21st century, peace and harmonious world is what defines the education. 

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