February 20, 2014

Of change and controversies

With the reopening of new academic session, our school has instigated many new changes and progresses, unexpectedly to which few of our parents are already talking ill of. Comments are floating in against the improved system and some even dare to point fingers to the big strides achieved. However, many farsighted parents remain optimistic about the changes.

School is one key institution where countless lives are transformed forever. Because of this simple inevitable fact, it becomes indispensible for the institution to have set of detailed framework that eventually will serve as the stairway to success. And to achieve the feat is to comply with norms of the school faithfully and undeniably because the essence of good education is entwined in discipline.
Every schools of our country believe in establishing precedence over discipline than to merely pass the exam with good marks. Ultimately, the prime motive behind education is to give birth to good human beings furnished with essential values and ethics.

It is also the main spine that steers the learner in right direction. Parents have the greater role in laying this foundation as well, because a child who lacks discipline at home finds it difficult to deal with the ordered environment of the school. Perhaps, they can drill better than what teachers do in the school.

However, many of our parents are circled around the myth that the school is only place to inject discipline and that teachers are accountable for. Teachers and parents have equal contributions and share common responsibilities in shaping the Childs future. Collaboratively, we can usher in the best and embrace the least trodden paths constructively when they have to stroll alone.

But eavesdropping on some resentment, few are of opinion that the school is going stringent and bringing in various alien changes. One such particular grumble was that of seeking admissions.

Intakes for students from same district are given first preferences while others are based on first come first serve basis. If the admission is sought after the closure, regardless of what the matter is, the school doesn’t entertain any case thereafter except for students whose parents are on transfer case.

Meanwhile with the burgeoning population of the students, it is also mounting pressures and, likewise, demanding challenges. If school insists to live by strings of lenient rules and fail to abide by explicit guidelines, what more can be anticipated than to consistently remain at stake.

Also if we intend to propagate with unrefined system, chances are certain that we might fail to battle the growing pressures and challenges as time plods by.

While we strive for excellence, and that, whenever there is need for betterment of an institution, we supplicate our valued parents to kindly cooperate. Whatever is pioneered and adopted by the school is not solo decision; a lot of heads come together, brainstorm and arrives to a final consensus before it is put in place.

Notwithstanding some spiteful pleasure, I hope that the school will cruise gracefully through the switchbacks in accomplishing its motto “ALWAYS MOVING FORWARD”


  1. Your writing is a spontaneous generation of great thought. Keep writing.

  2. I wonder if i am worth your words...i Thank both of you for your time

  3. I truly support that parents "can drill better than what teachers do in the school." Teachers, with true sense of inspiring students, with parents shall make our schools "cruise smoothly the switchbacks" and attain that it always envisions.

  4. Many parents are too ignorant of their roles and teachers are chided for the failure.