February 10, 2014

My ex teachers' dialogue, me and my ex student

Americans have started settling over mars and here we are still fighting over a piece of egg- a dialogue lambasted at us, back in high school, when we failed to live by the advices of our chemistry teacher.

Roughly after six years of long gap between us, his dialogue resonated in me when I took over as school mess in charge for a month long. Running mess is a responsibility which everyone disliked, since it would also mean foul mouth and malicious comments. However, none could skip this despicable task as it was scheduled on rotational basis.

Moreover, of all the task in the school, It is considered hectic as lots of planning works goes into it beside calculations, keeping records and risk of running at loss, otherwise. The provisions need to be stringently planned at the beginning, such that at the month end, everything is in accord with the designed plan.

Should there be any shortage; the refunding should be borne by self.

One morning it was my turn to monitor. As breakfast is usually delicious compared to lunch and dinner, students often stampede through the narrow entry to come for second share. To avoid the complications, they are asked to proceed in file.

No sooner did a twelfth grader student enter than she began complaining about salad. I appeared at the sight immediately to sort out the matter but she tried to ignore my presence.

Since the meal is served for hordes of students, there is often uneven chopping done by the cooks, especially the cabbages. When it comes in notice, we remind cooks to be mindful and that they render their best service to the students’ interest and their health. But many a times it goes unnoticed.

Thinking that it would only ruin her day, I didn't reprimand her for the misconduct and advised her to be mindful next time.

In spite of my contrite apology on cooks’ behalf, she was totally oblivious of what she had done and abused my leeway which only angered me.

That was when I berated her with the dialogue which before 6 years, my chemistry teacher fired me assuming she would learn from the misdeed.

However, it was not my deliberate notion to embarrass her before the mass nor was it the personal grudge. I just wanted to make her realize on the hard work someone had put in for her, and to remain grateful for the facility which comes without having to pay.

With the meager stipend she is entitled to, it is doubtful to sustain even a week, let alone month. Later in the afternoon, she was delectably feasting as she fasted her breakfast that morning.

I wondered on her status. Who knows she must be doomed with plight back home. Perhaps even woeful than what is being served in the school mess.

Were it not for that dialogue, I would not have succeeded in transferring the wisdom that he passed on me to my student.

How priceless and true it was.


  1. Sorry sir, but can I ask what the actual dialogue 's? :-)

  2. The first sentence constitute the dialogue...i forgot to highlight it. Thank you for the time.