December 3, 2013

Books and looks

The little angels
At this digital age, it’s too rare to find someone who comes to borrow books from a public library or a school library. Even if one shows up, it won’t be other than some serious book lovers or students. Few are compelled to do so because of the taxing assignments or research works. But such readers are not deemed genuine since it isn’t by virtue of their will.

However, I was proven wrong when an audacious bunch of tiny girls turned up at my friend’s place desperately asking for a book. I was left speech less and baffled by those little girls. Enthralled by their love for reading, it vividly flashed me of my school days. 

Did I think of reading when I was of their age? Have I ever dared of knocking at somebody’s door looking out for books? Were I keen enough to explore the unknown? Well, apart from the text I never looked out of syllabus to find out what’s even there in the school library. All I was a voracious eater. And the only book I remember today is the “Momo monkey and Dechen”

Unlike many of us, these four angels are incredibly fond of books despite their frolicking age. My heart glowed further when they portrayed their politeness which some of us lack. 

Prying their conversation, I halted their way back home. Since I was stunned by their good habit, I couldn’t resist the itch in my brain to inquire them. Not only were they good in books but also in looks. The eldest in the group goes to class six while the other three are mates studying in class three. 

We shared a little moment together. Often so they tried escaping my sight and occasionally hid their face. But I engaged them with praises and jokes to which they responded amusingly. Soon after, four of them acquainted well with my hospitality and they didn’t even hesitate to introduce. 

Every time they had something to ask, they made it sure that they structured the language in esteemed way. Carried away by their civic sense, I could not agree more than to appreciate their attitude towards elders. 

As gratitude, I pleaded for a snap to archive the flashing reminiscences. At first, they appeared uneasy. Upon my several supplications, they accepted gladly.

But they were little displeased for they weren’t able to fetch the books. Perhaps to recompense their time and effort, I pledged them to notify my friend once he is back. They headed off merrily with giggles and waving hands.
After their leave I conceived, if students, regardless of class and age cultivate the reading habits like the tiny four, Bhutan would be constellated with wise leaders to the brim. 

Since majority of students are reluctant to books, reading custom in our country is relatively low. As the habit is also not rooted in from their early age, some have difficulty coping up with language when they grow up. 

As I aspire, I inspire everyone to snatch a copy today and ransack through, exchanging words with finest man of the centuries to discover glory ahead.


  1. I wish I had also fallen in love with reading long before when I was at their age. Otherwise my English won't be as bad as today...:p

  2. Seems like we have read the same novel: Momo Monkey, Dechen Dechen Where are you? Hehe.

  3. sherab sir, more than before we can do better now....since we are mentally armed up well, the least we should do is cover up one book a week...
    well dumcho sir, i single up my 2 hands for your visit...cheers

  4. Awww..such an inspiring post. The little angels are so adorable to have come for books.
    If only our parents encourage reading habits as early as possible, reading habits would be developed naturally.

  5. Its true madam Rekha. Thank you for passing by.

    1. should have mentioned 'Dechen's cat and Dorji's dog as well'....haha....
      btw hats off for the creative work...

  6. beautiful post... thoroughly enjoyed going through it.... !!!

  7. its been almost a year i dint blog..but u made my day today. ur my muse! ^^ happy writing. btwn 'LETS READ" its beta to b late den