November 30, 2013

Rolling times

Past three weeks had been so packed owing to various reasons. I was also out of school since I was shortlisted for one interview. Although I have failed to make it through, I have imbibed experiences more worth than gold. I am very much well equipped and certain that the experiences will steer me in times to come.

On the other end, the sad part was my blog which had gone barren for many weeks.

While I was absent from my blog, I have missed updates from the other fellow bloggers. It saddened me. Now that I am on track, I am rekindled and make it sure that I don’t miss any post of my blog mates.

Well, four days in the capital city after seven months break had me sank in heavy thoughts. Number of cars has shot up drastically. Everywhere it is the honk and the hooting of the engines. Buildings and construction have sprouted everywhere despite the congestion. Yet, the poor is getting poorer and the rich is getting richer.

In the name of religion, mendicants are exploiting the sacred robes of monk and the enlightened ones. Many residents are falling victim to this unhealthy practice and still the show is ongoing. 

Some have picked up the western culture to align with the current modernization while forgetting our own. Some even feel shame to speak our own dialect while not fluent in others. A few chose to live by the supremacy of others in bleak hope of good life ultimately to seek trouble.

The joy of serving selflessly is fading. Around the town is the OZtralian fever where lust for money has preceded everything. Everyone wants to mount heaps of wealth overnight and lavish the next day. Everyone wants to migrate towards west and come back with glut bank balance. But nobody wants to discover the pristine places and get into the wild with our own.

Wide highways and lanes have been paved everywhere connecting every corner yet the viewpoints are very confined. Many voyage overseas yet some are reluctant enough to even pay visit to their immediate neighbor. While in some places on globe are struggling for a plate of rice, here we are making waste out of it.

There is no time for loved and near ones to put up an evening together. Everyone is absorbed in money making business.

Social issues are frequent. One need not be surprised to hear about burglary, murdering, rape and gang fights because since it is not a new trend, everyone is aware of it. It has become rather unsafe to travel alone in broad light too.  I was flabbergasted to hear that one of my friends got kidnapped by a group of school going boys.

Time has changed. In fact everything has changed. Along with the drift in time, people have become insatiable and self centered. People are hiding to accept truth when deception is practiced openly.

We are losing faith on each other; we are distancing ourselves from reality and finding Shangri-La, when happiness and comfort is all intuited in us.


  1. Seems like you had a nice break and witness the changes in our capital city.
    Keep posting.

  2. i hope the changes are for betterment of mankind and society, not individual oriented. Thank you for dropping keep posting as well...cheers

  3. A sad scenario we are facing today. You pictured is quite good.

  4. Hi Pelden. Nice write up about life in city. But don't be sad with it. Be grateful instead, as it will attract more good things in your life. Look on the bright side of life too! Keep writing and good luck for your next endeavor! :)

  5. Thank you for rolling through my blog....i wish for the same to happen