September 4, 2013

My humble supplication to education consultants

It is everyone's dream to at least earn a degree qualification these days. Perhaps, earning degree has become more like a fashion. Bulk of Bhutanese are scattered across India for study which stretches from Darjeeling in the north to Tamil Naidu in the south.

Many self financed Bhutanese enroll through education consultants to avail higher studies. 

As a privately operating firms, I know it is the game of survival. But at the cost of lucrative business, one should not go to the extent of making false promises and let others fall prey to it. 

Aspiring Bhutanese students wanting to pursue tertiary educations are enrolled in various Indian universities and abroad by the consultants. Besides admission and seat confirmation in the college, students are equally enlightened on the scope of the courses. 

In addition, they also shoulder the role of escorting and reaching the students securely to their respective destinations. I well understand how demanding and worrying it is to take care of large numbers, especially susceptible youth along the hostile environment.

To compensate the kindness, a huge sum (Nu ten thousand) is charged as a consultant fee exclusive of traveling and food expenses. 

Likewise, other formalities are also duly fulfilled to secure the candidature. Once done, it becomes final and binding. The changes in the decision afterwards seem almost bleak. On few cases, documents may be considered but not the cash. This slightly harbingers their hunger for the money. 

In the summer of 2008, when I was unaware of how to go about, I resorted to consultant for admission in India. I recall it unmistakably how on Google earth the physical ambience of the college took me by surprise. Even the footage of cooks serving meals were shown. It was great then.

With stacks of curiosity, I left for college through the agent.

Alas! in reality it was a different story. Still today, I don't have a memory of any single day where we were served by the cooks. Later, I knew it was done to attract students. In fact, we were also once called to act in-front of the camera to lure another batch. 

Since the consultants bear the task of enrolling students at the start, I wish they could at least assist us in the end. Because by the time we apply for the certificate, some are already into job or undergoing extended training. So it becomes quite difficult to physically make a presence due to work obligation or other reasons. 

In desperate circumstances like this, I strongly feel that consultants can play our part. Moreover, as they directly deal with the college administration, I see more probability of getting everything done. Just in case there is a fuss over a petty issue like applying for convocation certificate, the college should also not accept a candidate enrolled by the consultant. 

When admission could be sought even without setting foot in the campus, what is that makes the ending so hard. Why isn't there a mutual consensus between the consultants and the college?

To wrap up, I don't mean to defame any consultants but it is a genuine plea to not forget us in the end, for we believe a little helping hand from your side can ease all the inconveniences. 


  1. They just help till admission and after that everything has to be done by us too I expect the same but guess no consultancy is as good as to help till our completion..:(

  2. I can clearly understand that all Bhutanese youth are spoon fed right till class XII.. if you expect someone to get your convocation certificates, it is like asking your friend to go and get your Identity Card from the Home Ministry when you have not even filled in the details. If you cannot face challenges.... you should give up on life...

  3. My son completed his degree from the same university, I went personally to get his convocation certificate but the university refused to give even the form, saying , the student concerned must apply personally. It is troublesome and our govt should raise this issue with UGC India

  4. It seems that the blogger has taken refuge in writing ,to release his mental stress, and is indicative that he is a byproduct of a woman who has bedded many a man.