September 8, 2013

Election outcome

Election 2013 needs no translation. It will go down in the history of Bhutan. The world’s tiniest opposition party ever mounted swept away most of the constituencies emerging as the ruling government. All in all, it was the nation and her people who sprouted as the winner.

I had the privilege of contributing to the success of the election. I was stationed at one of the remotest place. It took us two days to reach. The expedition was the longest walk that I ever embarked on. Besides, Exploring nature has always been my hobby. It has inspired me to remain content with everything. Of all, nature’s composure has always elated me beyond the horizon. 

On reaching the destination, I was stunned to see only few houses. I bothered about the voter turnout the next day. Hardly fifty of them turned up on poll day. The voting was successful one despite the harsh weather.

What profited me? 

The long habituated inclination of smoking was finally put to an end. Since I was disconnected from hustle bustle life, I had no access to any smoker friends even if I wanted to. The unavailability also aided me to get rid of it.  Moreover, election commission of Bhutan for the opportunity and for sending me afar. 

In the course of responding nations call, I also tended to my wish and emerged as winner. Should it been not for the election I would still be continuing? Not only did I quit but banned too.

Still today, I joyously celebrate the victory.


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