March 17, 2013

Zhemgang in lens

Zhemgang and ‘remote’ has become synonyms for many Bhutanese. As soon as people think about Zhemgang, a scene of forested area and isolated place themes their mind. In fact, it is one of the promising places where a lot can retreat and enjoy the tranquility of the breath taking scenes, which ultimately will peace your mind.

Unlike many other places in Bhutan, Zhemgang is well furnished with all the basic necessities. Actually, it is even more advanced than some regions. For education, school serves as a temple for knowledge. Basic health services, telecommunication, motor roads, agriculture center and other sectors stands as an indication of modernization. Most places are electrified and connected with farm roads. Urban trends like night clubbing and snookers are also accessible.

Zhemgang earlier and now has the change of sky and earth. Earlier, people paddled for transportation and communication. As of now, the place has witnessed unprecedented development and life has become much comfortable.

The climatic condition has attracted many people and is best suited for work. It neither is cold nor hot. The fertility of the land has made every one self-sustainable.  Owing to its favorable weather and richness of soil, various kinds of crops are cultivated. Villagers domesticates animal for dairy and poultry products, which also generate income for them. In addition, they also sell hand made goods which circuitously help us preserve our indigenous culture and tradition.

Furthermore, the central location of the place has aided travelers and benefitted voluminous of businessman.  The exports and the imports of commodities have become easier, but it is bit far from the border towns. Yet, the progress of development is expanding and with the flow in time, Zhemgang will be no different from other grown towns.

The place is moderately populated with linear and scattered settlements. Initially, the indigenous architect dominated the design of the houses. However, with the advent of buildings, houses suspended and dyed with exotic phallus, are losing its place and are gradually substituted by cemented buildings. Since the place is adequately peopled, not much of pollution and social disturbances are produced. It looks neat and tidy with lush green environment.  

 Moreover, the alluring snow clad mountains frame the place leaving behind majestic looks. The distant prayer flag waves unceasingly disseminating wisdom ubiquitously. Her unwavering beauty will assure every nature lover, a sense of spellbound pleasure. It certainly would be a feast for any shutterbug to capture its splendor.  And towards the evening as the sun retires from its destination, the twilight unfolds its saga enlightening every moment of the day. Secretly, the exquisitely multi- colored flowers shyly buds off, heralding the coming of spring season.

Now “Zhemgang is remote” is a clichéd sentence and over used phrase by most of us. It’s high time that we root out the timeworn hackneyed phrase and tame our tongue to say, Zhemgang is developing. Sometimes the most beautiful places on earth are unseen and unfelt by our eyes and heart. Yet, the joys are bountiful which will linger forever.

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