March 17, 2013

Time heals everything

“Time will heal……..” it reminded me of something and I agree with it blindly.

As a school goer, I was enthralled and caught in lurking web of love. I have been jilted badly and bad mouthed several times. I was even thrashed at times. Despite repeated failures, I kept trying and few earned me successful stories. It was a puppy love characterized by blushing at the sight of seeing; stealing a glimpse of looks and sending well festooned letters via postman. Initially, with secret soft corner in heart, love intensifies often disturbing the sound state of mind. May be it is the symptom of what many people call “love sick”. This is the charm of amateur lovers.

As it ripens, more of caring and trust blooms, bandaging the bond strongly. Sometimes out of closeness, problems ignite out which results in temporary break ups. By compromise and consoling through friends, a usual tie up follows its way like nothing has befallen. Asking for a walk and date needed herculean guts because of the fear of getting negated. I vividly remember going out with my girlfriend on one of the rainy days. It was like we were competing for walk race. Forget about holding hands, we even could not utter a word and I felt so embarrassed for the first time.

The attachment ascends with each passing day. An absence would mean a lot and cause mental trauma. The day wasn't  cherished without pilfering a sight of each other. Moreover, i sounded better on phone. I could confess everything. Frequent lovers tiff was part of our rapport and it perpetuated till we permanently broke up. It fills me up with laughter when I resuscitate those moments. I found myself well versed in writing love letters by the end of high school.

The delicious part of Love happens in college. Love at this level is entirely different. We mature biologically and instinctively. By then, some would have already planned for cohabiting and are husband and wife in the making. The big question is what if the relationship collapses before the promises are fulfilled. It will scar only those who have truly loved from deep within. I admit that it takes tough time to forgo the nightmare and nurse the unseen wound. It is hard to endure the pain in love. Someone rightly said that it takes only few hours to love somebody and lifetime to forget them.

However, with every new days unfolding, life has in store different tales for every one of us. Every morning, rays of hope are ushered to move on with new beginning. Subsequently, the wound slowly recuperates, scar vanishes and memories faint away with wind of time only to be recalled someday. Life is beautiful, yet one can never be satisfied. It’s always wise to be optimistic rather than to blame for others shortcoming. Everything happens for good cause. Don’t repent over past, for it is gone with yesterdays. Dwell in present and time will heal everything.

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