April 15, 2015

Education first, alcohol last

As a teacher, it is never my motive to produce a student with first class marks but to shape them into a paragon and produce first class human beings. After all, a student equipped with good values and attitudes are the ones who are more probable to reach far in life. This is what, perhaps, the education is all about. 
But education alone would not suffice to produce value based human beings, if what is not learned in school is not taught at home by the parents. So it should first kick off at home with parents as teacher. In short, if parents strive hard from their side, problems like absenteeism in school, disciplinary issues, substance abuse and quitting school midway would be a thing of past. However, in many circumstances, the concern is borne only by the teachers.
This is my third year running in teaching profession. And ever since I joined, I have never had a scene where students doesn’t take French leave from school. It is already one this year and when probed on the matter, the responses were quite heart wrenching. Few children suffer at the expense of their parents’ decadence.
The boy to whom I adopted as my sibling had gone missing a week ago.
Last Saturday, I met him in a play field. As I had no idea on his disappearance, I even scowled and warned him to be regular but only to know that he dropped out from the school. Because I don’t teach his class, I fail to keep surveillance on his whereabouts and by the time it came in my knowledge, he was already five days missing in the class. We struck on a conversation and he honestly detailed me everything that went on at his place. One time I have even seen it for myself. His mother is alcoholic and he is the only son available around, others being engaged with their work. He has to take care of her and at times things become demanding with academic pressures from the other end.
I suggested him to reach her at brother’s place but she would never consent the idea. As the grievances became recurrent and the situation displeasing, he gave up the idea of schooling to tend her. He even shared that the expenses made in buying him clothes and shoes were not spared. The pitiful emotions had me immersed in confusion and reassured him not to lose hope and resort for substances whatsoever. Now, he has already decided on becoming a vegetable vendor.
Although, he is not even an average performer in the class, he is also certainly not the one who doesn’t take delight in learning. In the field, he is an iconic performer with abilities to partake in every games and sports.
Few days ago, I called up his brother to get the certificate done but nobody turned up till now. Let alone appearing in person, not a call was made which is a sheer ignorance.
So, dear parents, however grave the problem may be, please don’t compromise on children’s education because somewhere in the phase of earth, millions still dream of going to school.
I am fortunate to be bred by a responsible parents.

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  1. Sir as you said parents have vital role to play as far teacher has role to play.