March 28, 2014

Value yourself

I read this story last vacation and found it worth sharing.

A famous man entered a seminar hall thronged with large gathering. Before addressing the crowd, he just slipped into his pocket and fished out 500 USD.

He broke the ice with this question “How many of you would want this?”
Expectedly, all the hands from the floor shot up in the air and everyone screamed I want I want……

Then he dropped the note on the floor and tramped it under his foot. He picked up and said again, how many would want this note now?

A good number of hands still remained in the air.

What he did next pinched some of people present there because they thought the man was going to destroy the note.

Now this time he crumpled the note to the extent of tearing and asked again “how many of you would still like this?” surprisingly, he didn’t see any hands going down although they were exhausted.

After a while, the man said “all of us are like the note”.

No matter how hard it was crushed, it still had the same value like the uncrushed ones. Even though the note found its place under the foot, it still didn’t decrease in its significance and sustained its value.

Likewise, we are no different.

Many a times, In the course of making decision and propounding new ideas, we go astray and fall numerous times. In spite of our best effort, we often topple down with indigestible ridicule which almost leaves us hopeless to stand up for next round.

What we should know is; whether we are beaten or jeered at, we still have values like the wrinkled note.

In the end, the man said “never let your yesterday’s disappointment overshadow tomorrows dream”. Everybody gathered in the foyer applauded him in standing ovation for his marvelous lesson.


  1. Nice story with a good moral. Yup, as the story reveals, I enjoy being myself because human in my form is also rare like others.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Well I have been going through your blog and I find it inspiring.....keep going and keep coming its worth sepending time..thank you :)