June 10, 2016

From Kheng to Japan

Well, now I run out of confidence to write and feels like my creative muse had just deserted me. It has been a huge break. I could not keep up with the consistency and perseverance of writing. So it nearly left me delete the blog account.

Anyway, I shall write succinctly about the journey I embarked from a remote land of thunder dragon to the shipshape land of sunrise.

On the morning of 30th April, I flew from Paro to the capital city of India. Akin to maiden travelers the thought of boarding plane did fascinate me as it was my first time in Druk air. However, I was constantly bothered by series of works awaiting at Japanese embassy, New Delhi.

Exactly at half past eight, the mammoth dragon took to its flight. It was an emotional farewell to my beautiful motherland.

Sometime from the take-off point, high above in the heaven, I was slightly disturbed by the turbulence and could not resume the catnap. The man in the cob web had maneuvered the giant dragon to quite an elevation and all the passengers on board were deep in slumber except for the roaring sound of the engine.  Just as I peeped through the glass, a mellifluous voice broke open from the cabin. It was the mention of the mighty Himalayas on the flanks blanketed in clouds and snows.

Alas! The joy of seeing it with my own eyes from high above defied the very striking expositions of geography lessons, and was unmatched in any way. Not even the hour glass figure of stewardesses that walked past the aisles could gain my attention, for the drifting clouds over the mountains were truly a fairy tales. But such a fine sight disappear in a trice only kept me panting for more seductive voices from behind the cabin.   

Two hours later, I landed at IGIA New Delhi, India. Oh my god, Delhi was at the peak of its heat confused by the chaos of commuters. While on the other end, I was equally confused by the backbreaking articles and followed suit. Fortunately I stumbled upon few Bhutanese students, and with their firm assistance I gracefully checked out of the airport. We had a brief refreshment in a New York minute and headed our ways.

Beaten by the searing heat of Delhi and hefty stuffs to watch out for, prudent than usual, off I went to Bhutanese embassy in Chanakyapuri to put up rest of the days. My pidgin Hindi didn’t allow the cabbie to ponder I was someone more than a foreigner.

Yes, I was dispatched straight away to Bhutan embassy. No sooner did I tip the driver for his honesty, then a smiling face greeted me from the gate. An army, probably in his mid-thirties with a prizefighter figure was taking charge of the day. Having explained him about my purpose, he hospitably ushered me in. Once inside, I could barely believe I was on foreign soil because almost everything was Bhutanese- little strings of prayer flags, building architectures, faces, dishes and even the settings of the work place.

The clock neared noon just when I was about to check in.

Realizing I still had some time, with quick shower and hearty lunch, I went to Japanese embassy and handed the visa application form. It hardly consumed 15 minutes to wrap up since it was a government scholarship, and not even a dime was charged.

Relaxed I felt, and returned to my room desperately looking forward to the day of departure from Delhi. All my struggles for the day finally paid off. Thereafter, I didn’t feel the tick of time until on the evening of 3rd April.

That night before I hit the bed, a singular sense of joy overwhelmed me, marking the start of my journey while the unbounded ocean of knowledge ahead stimulated my intellectual clits. Just then the soothing voice of the air-hostess invaded my thoughts and broke the reverie. 
I wondered if she could be more alluring than the mighty Himalayas.

...................................................................................to be continued