October 23, 2014

Nicotine free love

It took me long time to come out.

What? “A long time to come out”, continued his friend full of bantering tone in the voice. Are u talking about the other day’s orgasm?

“I wish you grow wise, I don’t have the carnal appetite no more”, said captain with stern expression.

After what seems to be serious, ST stops joking. Captain had never been serious to ST before. Poor St was baffled but never dug further. The air became swollen with silence.

To the west, sun was hanging low. Its rays were fading away from the strings of mountains. Cool breeze fine-tuned the setting of the evening. The mood was perfect for date but either had none.

The silence is interrupted shortly. ST insist to go home and get ready for the party tonight. Unheard, his voice disappears into the evening air.

“It took four years to open up for her”, cried captain. Something was blunt in his tone. ST didn’t take it light. He sensed something. This time ST gathered guts and enquired the entire story.

Yongba and yongmin, they named each other when they first fell in love.

In school, yongba and yongmin continued the legacy of Romeo and Juliet. Dating whenever chance favored them. Even their relationship was consented by parents. They talked of their future and of having beautiful children. It was future wife and husband in the making.

The day she accepted his proposal, yongba stopped smoking and occasional drinking and promised sobriety for eternity.

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“Addiction to love can let go nicotine addiction”, jokingly whispered captain taking a break from his narration. ST responds not bad, “nicotine free love?”

Long before he knew how to wipe out his own ass, he fell for her. In one of his card, captain recalls how he wrote “I lof u” instead of “I love u”.

Many parts of his high school love story was a triumph and their relationship stood the force of time but not the man force condom.

In the college, who knew what would happen? Should it be that same high school yongba and yongmin? Or god has one standby yongba to substitute original yongba?

"Faith" will test me”. Settled captain.

They rented a house and shared the expenses. But the special space they had for each other in heart didn’t require any expense. It was free and always hoped it to be. Flawless, their love perpetuated even in foreign soil. We became immediate neighbors then.

“Give me a fag, give a fag”, a familiar voice rung in my deep sleep one early morning. However, I would not be impulsive to the gentle pat as it had been only a short length of time since I last fell asleep.

“Bro, bro give me a cigarette” was the same voice which irritates me next. Not caring who it was, I handed some with a warning to not annoy me any further and resumed the sleep.

Morning had never been the same after that, not for me but for whom I knew as yongba since his pair up with yongmin. I could not believe five years of well nurtured relationship splitting in tragic ends. But I believed through his eyes that it made every strong men on earth to at least gulp a bottle of whisky after the disastrous end and put world’s expert psychiatrist to confusion.

Insane yongba gradually became sane and suffered the destruction to the extent of returning home without a degree.

“ST you know what”, said captain smilingly, “anything happens in romance that’s why love is blind”, leaving all his nightmares behind.

“Lof”, teased back ST.

October 21, 2014

Over confidence kills

As a 7th grader, playing carom was addictive of all the games. With the meeting of my boyhood mate, it became more addictive than nicotine. As soon as we hear the last toll of the bell, we would excitedly rush towards the market side.

Frequenting town became our pass time after we came to know that carom was our common interest. The chemistry of our friendship grew ever stronger thereafter.

Quite astonishingly, when I was just picking up the fundamentals of the game he was already the kid of the town. With him, i honed my skill and soon my name was on the list of becoming new kid in the town. Unfortunately it did not happen. He coached me and two of us formed a good team. From kid of the town, soon we became talk of the town.
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Every one, grown-ups or elders, hesitated to challenge us. Many times we won the match in just three rounds of play. Sometimes the game would get over with one of the opponent not even touching the striker. Such was our level.

Empty pocket we would play. Pocket full we went home after the match. There was no doubt that if two of us team together, many turned up reluctant to play. On most of the occasions we were only permitted to coach and not compete.

Can’t resisting the itch to push the striker, we would play by offering points not more than twenty. The game being over at thirty. Still it was herculean task to overthrow us.

Even in interclass competitions, we emerged as winners. Some envied our partnership and tried several lucks only to get thrashed and thicken our pocket.

But there was one thing many friends wanted to witness. It was the match between the two carom giants.

We played and the match tied several times but he earned the maximum admiration from rest of our friends.

One time our over confidence mortified us before the mass.

My tag came penniless. I was penniless either and joined the league. The thought of winning overwhelmed us as usual. We played casual, conceitedly offering points. Not until our counterparts took away two consecutive boards, did we realise that the game wasnt ours. I fumbled my jean pocket only to find emptiness inside and facing from the other end was my friend standing motionless. Nervous we both stood.

Having nothing to give and knowing not what to do out of embarrassment, we planned on escape when they were busy celebrating the victory.
Hardly had we finished crossing the rusted barb wire than the voice clamored from behind. “Charo charo....bet kalay” (friends, where is our bet)

I stared at his face and he stared mine, froze and blushed, in between the age old cold wires and uttered stammered speech………….we will give….give…you. Later, he managed to manipulate and promised to pay afterwards.

That day, the two kids of the town to whom all extolled champion of carom, learnt a lesson that too much of confidence is good for nothing.

The same incident took place last autumn.

Our school dispatcher compelled me to challenge him carom. Upon my several supplication, he would not listen. We fixed the date and bet.

He was taken to surprise when I outdid him for two continuous rounds and like me, discovered a lesson to not underestimate the power of common man.

October 1, 2014

ZHSS annual club exhibition 2014

October 2nd 2014 would go down in the history of Zhemgang Higher Secondary School as yet another fresh chapter.

Coinciding with the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, popularly known as father of India, the school is conducting its annual club exhibition themed “sweetness in diversity”. The program is first of its kind to be ever held since the inception of the institution way back in late 1950s.

The very idea of club exhibition seems new at least to me, for I have never witnessed it in my entire school life.

The foremost motive behind the conduct is to display the intriguing activities, discover the secret working of each club and share insights which otherwise could go unnoticed.

Cultural items and mask dances would also be staged to entertain everyone.

The overall planning was spearheaded by vice principal, Mr. Phurpa Tashi.

As for my photographic club, preparations has been all done and we are fully geared up for the event.

Photos shall be uploaded after the completion of event.