May 30, 2014

Track suit for students

If you are new in Zhemgang and you come across swarm of students clad in blue track suit with arched label at the back, don’t be stunned. They belong to Zhemgang Higher Secondary School.

The latest change in my school is the adoption of trek suit after several months of desperate wait. Actually the demand was made earlier but since the order was in bulk, the supply turned up bit late than the anticipated time.

Nevertheless, now that we have received the trek suit, students as well as teachers are equally staggered.
posing moment

However, students are bemused as to when they should don the suit. The school administration has stringently stipulated the conditions and arrived at consensus that it should not be entertained during instructional hours.

first day, 12 d
The crux behind coming up with such new change is to have uniformity, especially in co-curricular activities and during regional and national sports meet. Besides, students can also cut down the usage of their school uniform and wear it during outing and working time. 

May 16, 2014

Tips on writing

Writing advices from Landour days, a journal entry of Ruskin bond:

·       Make sure you can spell. If you can put a sentence together, that’s even better.
·       Writing is not simply about words. Are you observant? Can you tell the difference   between a sparrow and a sparrow hawk?
·        Writing about oneself has its limitation. Are you interested in anyone other than    yourself?
·        Are you prepared to wait years, maybe a lifetime, for recognition? If you want instant   recognition, become a model.
·         If you are convinced that you are an unrecognized genius, remember this: everyone    feels the same way.
·         Writers block: just make sure the waste paper basket is within throwing distance.
     Most essentially, read, read, and read.

May 9, 2014

Bizarre enjoyment of some students

The modern day definition of the word “enjoyment” is quite bizarre and is entirely different from what i once used to consider. Way back, when there was not much of human ingenuity and dominance, life was pretty plain. Our ancestors found pleasures in coming together, picnicking, singing and helping each other in times of need. It was natural. Enjoyment through inducement was never in their dictionary.

Today, given our coziest place on earth, pleasure is sought after in using diverse intoxicants and substances. Especially, few students are of view that drugs are for enjoyment and then it should be enjoyed often.

I have been bewildered by a student and his way of enjoyment few weeks back.

His definition on enjoyment was the “high” that he feels after doping. The fugitive joy obtained after doing drug was enough for him to write the meaning of enjoyment without even trying out elation of reading simple story book or taking a walk around. In what he called enjoyment was grief and torture, for there was not any sign of joy in him. His enjoyment worried me.

At the expense of enjoyment, he was too ignorant that he was pulling short his own life. Whether it was the induced delight or lame excuse, his way of counting on pleasure saddened me. I pitied him and took umbrage at his way of enjoying life.

Dreading his approach to amusement, I suggested the following natural ways of finding happiness with a hope to extricate from the so called enjoyment.
1.     Engaging in games and sports
2.     Walking around the serene ambience of the school
3.     Reading books
4.     Spending time with friends
5.     Meditating and introspecting.

However, it would not be just him reaping pleasure from drug, but behind the scene there may be countless like him finding bliss in smoking marijuana and measuring enjoyment by hallucination.