November 30, 2012



One of the ways in which I vindicate myself, despite the tight schedule every day is by journaling. It’s my fashion of archiving daily routines. Writing is not everybody’s cup of tea. It takes good number of practices and consistency to come up with finest piece of write up. Writing a journal on a regular basis helps to explore ourselves and deepen our thoughts. It is a fun way of recalling our past memories as well.

Often I land up in literary disorder called writer’s block, the state 
where my thoughts completely get literally empty. But that doesn't obviate me from writing anymore. Instead it endows me with another avenue to showcase my passion for literature. At times even putting up a sentence seems like a herculean task but I simply defend it with modest pedagogic adage, “if there is will there is way”. Like any other write up, journaling also needs constant practice and pace. We can’t expect the progress to be rapid at one go. All it takes is steady practice and hard work blended with curiosity and courage.

Great writers and authors did not spring up overnight. It took ample of time and determination to reach for the stars. They too failed several times. What made them different was their will to climb up the hill with courage no matter how many times they fell down.

Just to quench my thirst for journaling, I always make it a point to pen down at least 200 words every night before I board onto my bed and If not by wrestling with words of wise man. I can see much of gradual progress in my work and that’s what nudges my motivation the most. A good piece of write up is one which kindles excitement and inquisitive to the readers and that would make them feel real. The beauty of it forever hangs around in the mind of the readers.

I had grown too comfortable in my writing task, the joyride of my thoughts. It not only enlightens me with provoking views but also saves my craving for the literature to be alive. Beside it also ponders my strength of expressing visionary ideas into words. Moreover, it is a good way of introspecting my own thought and ideas. Letting people realize through expressed words speaks far better than orally awakening them.

Nonetheless, the pleasure of getting drowned in the sea of journaling is massive as it hardwires my joy for it. I also get opportunity to keep myself occupied and it is a way of getting rid of leisure time wisely. The prime benefit of journaling is keeping update on one’s own thought and furthering the richness of literature. 

For me journaling is like keeping myself awake. Just like any other activities, it broadens my mind and evaluates my actions.

November 7, 2012

My good friend

“Oye keta...Research gi submission is on 10th i.e. Thursday . . . So start working on it…today we watched ur fav songs (len na ngegi sem) movie….” a message dropped in my inbox at around 11:25pm while I was going through a book. Though I was out of balance to respond her, at least i acknowledged her for waking me up from my ignorance. Otherwise who knows I might flunk and have to rewrite that paper? I was alarmed by her message and began panicking as I have done nothing to my research paper. Nevertheless to ease away the uneasiness, I decided to make myself occupied by putting down some lines. Since I did not thank her in person and as a matter of gratitude I chose to write about her.

We may not have known each other if we didn’t converse in the classroom. She graduated from sherubtse, one of the oldest and in fact well known colleges in the country. Her degree is in physical science. Probably she must have been brain box while in the college. But I don’t mean to say that now she is bad. She is excelling today as well. Most of the time I find her quiet and calm busy in her work.

I appreciate the intensity of her simplicity. She is soft spoken and humble minded and that makes her beautiful as she is always. She wears that pretty smile every day and I see her happy all the time. When in class she occupies the middle row and often dozes while there is a lengthy presentation. I seldom irritate her by phoning unnecessarily. Never did I see her portraying frustrations in class room. Who knows she must be bugging a lot with her friends when at other times (laugh out loud). I am not sure of her likes and dislikes as we don’t talk about personal stuffs.

I have known her much only this semester and I feel privilege to have someone as nice as her. One thing I found in her was that she is picture perfect in kitchen arts. Recently we went out for class picnic and there I got opportunity to taste her curry. It was awesome and I had the most promising curry after so long. When I look upon it now, it makes me salivate too much. Moreover she would make good wife to her husband. Whosesoever be her hubby, he would surely realize her worth.

Now that we know each other, I feel much comfy to talk with her.  I hope our friendship remains firm as it is today, in times to come. After the completion of this month, we will be busy with our own lives and we won’t be able to make it like now. Even if we do it will be very often. But I will always flashback that in a voyage of my life, I found a friend whose presence I always enjoyed and that added flavor to my life.  She is known by the name Mon kumari.

I met her through communication and I have for her, my friendship by blood.