September 26, 2012

An odyssey of sanity

Up above, the sun had slipped out of sight, only its glow still visible along the rim of high clouds. The sky had begun to lighten and the air tasted of dew. The zephyr so gentle and it hastened leaving nothing but only the rush of its touch. Its beauty tinged with faint rainbows with light drizzle. Birds chirped at the top of their voices and flags wavered with its immaculate beauty. The river below spanned with its motionless tide and freed its cool breeze. The paddy rooted in the field quivered along with the way of the wind. The joy was boundless.

Underneath a tree was a gentleman named sangey puffing his day’s last cigi, rummaging through his old torn diary. He flipped the pages as if he had some important work. All of sudden, he paused when he came across an excerpt written in lower spidery case. As soon as he started skimming, his eyes got filled with tears of joy. That page had lots of untold stories. Those floods of memories made him think vastly.

As a kid, he was liked by every tom, dick and harry. He had all the loved people around him and everything was lively. His parent gave whatever he wanted and they never let him down, as he was the only child in the family. Their love for the son was unconditional and they raised him in their best possible ways. He was fed with good food and unfailing care despite his snotty attitude.

Sangey achieved whatever he shot for and every friend of him wished to have life like him. He was gifted with everything. As he kept budding, he started being skeptical and arrogant. He took advantage of his parent’s simplicity and he would not heed any of his parent’s words of wisdom. The fear of sangey getting snared in a web of substance abuse secreted in his parents mind. Time and again, he was kept alert to refrain from such misbehavior.

Time had come when he had to be on his own. He was accepted as a boarder in one of the schools in the west but the bond of love survived the distance as his parent kept him posting letters. Now that he was away from his parents, he began involving in unwelcoming behaviors. It all started with a stick of coffin nail. Gradually he substituted it with some hard substances. Sangey was caught hard in the rings of smoke of reefer.

Back at home, the news reached his parents like atom bomb. The faith was shattered and their trust on him was broken. He was expelled from the school. As he descended from well to do family, he wasn’t ignored badly. With all the pleas, he was again admitted in a school with last warning. He was repeatedly reminded to stay away from getting into abuse. In spite of all the hues and cries, he could not prove himself. As a last hope he was send to rehab for improvement.

Sangey underwent through intolerable enticement during his stay at rehab. Tardily with the help from councilors, he was able to overcome his night mares. He was discharged after successful months of sobriety. Today sangey owns a car and wherever he goes, he stands as a prototype to other addicts. Sangey helps vulnerable youths as and when he can. He proudly articulates, “Sun dancing on leaves, flowers bowing down and ultimately my craving has vanished among the shadows of yesterday”

September 25, 2012

in dire need of H2O

Chemistry defines water as the combination of two molecules of hydrogen and a molecule of oxygen. Water is a basic requisite for survival. No organisms on earth can make it without water. Cells in our body need it for respiration, energy production, digestion and many more.  Deprivation of water in our body leads to dehydration and it may prove fatal, if it proceeds for longer period of time. Every life requires water for carrying out various life purposes. Water is essential mainly for laundry, cooking, cleaning, and showering and so on. Our living is solely dependent on water and no beings can abnegate its need.

Envisage a survival without water for just one hour, that too in a hot climatic condition. It’s like feeling hell for short span of time. That’s exactly how we are feeling these days. Water supply had gone out for more than two days. Trainees are seen hunting for water everywhere but it appears like as if the college has been banned from water.  We are walking almost about half kilometers early in the morning in search of water, just to groom up.

Moreover, my dining menu has altered recently due to poor water supply. I and my ill roommate had been gobbling on noodles since two days. Our room has rich collection of water bottle and we have spent barely ngultrum 2000 on it. It looks hilarious and we are left with no options. Also our nesting time has metamorphosed. Late night expecting for water in the kitchen has become our everyday program but all in vain. At one point we cooked food using mineral water.

Many have missed their class, not because they wanted to but due to acute shortage of water that they couldn’t even wash their faces. Are we machines made up of engines and functioned by oils? I would succinctly construe, we are just flesh and bones and we need water for everything.

Every day we lose water through urine and perspiration. The need for supplement is mandatory as it might lead to disorders. In a hot place like Samtse, we should in fact be supplied with water supply 24*7 times. Truthfully speaking I attended three classes without even grooming myself. Who knows there might also be some trainees, who have attended classes like me?

The most uneasy situation is laxation in lavatory that is deprived of water. Imagine how evil would it stink?  Shall we find another alternative by vanishing among the bushes? I think it would not be suitable for budding teachers like us. This is age of technology and let us all accustom ourselves to 21st century.

Now the million dollar question is that, isn’t the college administration broaching this issue? So that the future trainees pursuing degree in this college wont sweat in peace like us. I vaguely discovered that this issue isn’t modern. It existed eons ago. Right away it is appropriate time that college find out some remedies to settle this trouble before it become unresolvable. I hope it won’t remain as a patrimony to future tyros.

September 9, 2012

Quit lowballing others

As human beings, we all have tendency to overlook things and that’s where most of us commit silly mistakes. The worst thing that a man can ever do is undervaluing others. Some individuals looks handsome, some ugly and some beautiful but we never know what they own inside. It’s only when we deal with that particular person that we know about them in depth. Does being indolent mean, you don’t know anything? The big interrogation point in many of us but it is fact.

I have encountered such incidents many a times. Recently, my essay begged first position in college. I wrote on topic, ‘literacy and peace’ which was the theme for world literacy day. Many of my friends congratulated on my achievement and I was really proud.

But disheartened very badly, when someone turned up saying, “did you really write that piece by yourself”? I just shrugged my soldier and said sarcastically, no someone just wrote for me. What pierced me was her underrating quality on me. I know where my strength lies and even if I am not good in things that she is good in, I am sure she doesn’t possess every character that I am good at. It doesn’t mean that I am blowing my own self. Everyone is special in their own ways.

The old maxim says, “A book should not be judge by its cover”. This is true and most of us under level the other side, advertently or inadvertently.

Let me share a short story. There was an old man who was well versed in music and he knows to play every kind of instruments but he was very decent and humble in his nature. Despite his talent in music, he never boosted his pride and remained as if he knew nothing. Once it so happened that a young man of late 20’s with a guitar in his hand, was passing by his house and he happened to ask for it. He was rejected very badly and the young man said, “old man doesn’t know anything and if I give, you will only destroy the tuning of my guitar”. The young man berated him so harshly and walked out so proudly. The poor old man just laughed out loud and entered his small hut and started strumming on his old guitar.

Weeks after, there was musical competition at the suburb of town. The old man enrolled his name in the competition and the next day, he was to showcase his talent. The young man along with his friends was also participating in the musical contest. What shocked the audience was the performance of the old man. He swept away the first price and the young man got nothing. Instead he was astounded to see the old man’s talent and felt guilty of his words.

The young man learnt a lesson and he promised to never ever overlook the other person, regardless of looks, status and simple mindedness.

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do’’- Steve jobs

Betrayal comes through trust

Tashi and Wangmo were childhood friends. They have spent most of their times together. They studied in same school but Wangmo was one year junior to Tashi. They had fun that nobody had and over the period of time, their friendship turned into love. Tashi could not confess his feelings and it remained dormant for one year.

It was only during his eighth grade that he made his words come for real. He poured out his love for her and she accepted on his first trail. Tashi was overwhelmed by her approval and everyday was like butterflies and rainbows for him. Their love grew stronger day by day and they didn’t even spend a day without seeing each other. They conversed on the phone, when they missed each other. Tashi’s love for Wangmo was vast and they often got together when their parents went out for dinner.

As the time flew by, Tashi finally finished his eighth standard and had to change his school. The pain of separation was unbearable and with his utmost guts, he admitted the fact to Wangmo. She was heartbroken but there was nothing that could stop Tashi from changing the school. He assured to keep in touch with her and promised to meet during their holidays. Tashi went to one of the higher secondary schools in west.

By then, distance played very painful role between them. The only option that they had was to talk on the phone. They exchanged their emotions and Tashi often cried because of the pain of not being able to see her. He would not miss even a single day without hearing her comforting voice. Whenever it was possible, he made it through letters and mails. Wangmo willingly responded his letters and mails on time and she never let Tashi felt sad, despite the huge distance between them.

Tashi’s love for Wangmo was unfathomable like the depth of the ocean. He always hankered to see her but it was possible only in his dream. Nevertheless, he continually hoped for the best and dreamt of seeing her one day. Without their notice, the year had eventually come to an end. Tashi’s joy of meeting Wangmo was infinite and he was very eager to see her. They made a plan to meet on Wangmo’s birthday. It was on December 17th and Tashi decided to come one day earlier. He purchased some gifts for her and it was well wrapped up. Tashi could not sleep on that very day as he was flabbergasted with euphoric feelings.

At around 11 in the morning, he made a call to Wangmo and said, “Where shall we meet’’? Wangmo replied, “At our usual hangout”. Tashi dolled up smartly, and wore his all-time favorite perfume gifted by his beloved. When Tashi was about to reach, Wangmo was already there waiting for him. No sooner did Tashi see Wangmo than he hugged her without uttering a single word. Tears rolled down from his eyes and he was mute for a while. He shared the pains of being away from her, and she too expressed her feelings. They spent almost 3 hours talking over a cup of coffee. The pleasure of seeing each other was gigantic. Tashi and Wangmo spent all their holidays together.

Ultimately, all the good things came to an end, when they again have to report to the school. Once more the rush of the adrenaline was felt by the two love bugs. Tashi was sad and it was so hard for him to part from Wangmo. It was like a bird suddenly disappearing from the vast blue sky. Wangmo on the other side felt the same and she cried, hugging him tightly. As Tashi took his way towards west, he waved his hands till the fading point, carrying all those sketchy memories. Tashi had tough time solacing his despair. With much of difficulty, he reached his destination safely.

After 4 years, Wangmo finished her 12th standard and decided to study aboard. By then, Tashi was already a sophomore in college. Wangmo made up her mind to study in the same college. He was very much happy and waited for her. Everything was well arranged by Tashi and after a week, Wangmo reached in the college. Life was beautiful back in college. They stayed together and often quarrel broke out between them. They went out for movies, shopping’s and had lots of fun together with friends. They were always together wherever they went and Tashi also learnt to cook with her help.

Time arrived, when he had to return back home after his graduation. With heavy heart, he parted from Wangmo. He phoned her every night, though they were miles away from each other. He trusted her so much and waited till her graduation got over. Day came, when she finally graduated and had to return back home. She reached Bhutan after 3 days of tiring journey. Tashi was hopefully waiting for her.

The next morning, he called Wangmo but she didn’t respond his call. He waited one whole day for her call but all in vain. With much of consistency, he was able to contact her. Wangmo didn’t talk properly and the circumstances became worse day by day. Tashi did nothing wrong to her and tried his every possible way to make their relationship like usual but nothing good happened. He struggled for one week and every night, he drank to ooze out his pain from heart. Tashi experienced the bitterest moment, all day and night. Beside all his love and trust, Wangmo enlightened Tashi with intolerable pain. Gradually tashi’s pain subsidized and right after his birthday, he posted a letter to Wangmo which read:

Dear Wangmo,

Those bygone days, spent by us will be cherished. Everything that we aspire in life doesn’t turn up in reality. And the uncertainty of world awakened me from my sleepless night and taught me, what it feels like to be jilted. The fear always lurked inside me that, one day you may split our way and find your own. Had I have known this; I would have solaced your heart and never let this rude instant to barricade my way. I lost hope against myself. All we did, all we had and all we shared were nothing but a gift from almighty above. One big hope was to meet before you made your own ways. I feel disheartened and there is no way out rather than to let it go. I was frightened by darkness and I too aspired like others to shine but it was not inscribed on my fate.

Now, I realized that I was hoping for what was not mine. I decided to let it go, because I don’t want my life to be sympathized by others and live in torments. I am letting the dew on the blade of grass to wane. I am accepting what I can’t. Yet, all is not lost. Time can heal my wound. I guess this is the end of our journey. Thank you for everything.                                                                                      

Literacy and Peace

I wrote this article on world literacy day, themed "literacy and peace". It begged me first position in college. I acknowledge all the resources that i referred. 

Literacy is considered as the hot cake of today’s knowledge driven society. It is the base on which human rights and values are imbibed. Every individual has access to this right. Literacy as a disciplinary subject is lifelong wisdom and it is one of the inevitable requisite for peace.

The thirst for peace can be achieved by educating the world. Education can empower every individual. What people are taught and how they are taught can make countries less prone to violence. Literacy establishes the peaceful coexistence between the communities and good governance.  Illiteracy results in inhumane actions, wars and violence. Every day, we hear wars breaking down, killing millions of individuals, trafficking humans and so on. This ignorance of cloud ensues in rampage that ruins peace. It is through literacy, that we alarm the sleeping conscience of those ignorant and make world, a worth living place.

Literacy also promotes women in the decision making process and conflict resolution. It provides skills and advocates their hope in developmental processes. The majority of illiterate comprises of young girls and women in the world. The need for encouragement has become mandatory and it is not responsibility of an individual but a combined force of every one, to rejuvenate their love for literature. Let us bridge the gap between hope and misery, so that peace is bestowed on all.

Poverty alleviation is one important area, where literacy has vital role to play. The eradication of poverty is most addressed issue in millennium development goals. Quarter of world’s population lies in zone of poverty and there is existence of income disparity, which is concerning the peace and welfare of the people. Literacy can cement this difference by providing a platform for employment, where youths and adults can enroll themselves in decent jobs. The strong tie between literacy and health can change poverty, malnutrition and disease into various cycles of learning, equity and sustainable development.

Literacy ensures good will and strengthens mutual understanding between nations. People can voice out their views and ideas on different perspective of thoughts, which concerns the safety of their family, communities and nation. Besides, it promotes human rights, gender equality and cultural diversity, languages etc., Literacy programs that make use of minority languages have the potential to improve people’s ability to participate in their own culture.

In a country like Burundi, literacy has helped to rebuild trust between shattered communities. Still today, she is striving hard to recover from a long period of civil wars, which have fractured its populations. Literacy fosters peace and security to politically unstable countries. Many nations are now realizing the importance of literacy and they are nurturing the seeds of peace.

On this very day, let us all pledge and promise to keep our weapons aside and let books to talking. So that, peace flourishes in the world like the first rays of sun, from the little chink in the curtain greet us in the morning.